Monday 13th April

Easter puja in Cabella

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Shri Mataji once again, in Her infinite compassion and love, blessed the collective assembled in Albera. About 500 people had gathered in early afternoon to perform Her worship at the end of the seminar weekend.

The sky, cloudy and rainy till the day before, was deep blue and a bright and a warm sun was shining on the valley. But the brightest light was yet to come.

Shri Mataji, even after a long trip which led Her to Cabella in the night, decided to be present at the hangar for the Easter Puja that was about to be celebrated by the yogis.

A short but very intense Puja was celebrated. After children offered flowers at Her Lotus Feet, ladies performed the Puja ceremony and we all sang aarti to the Devi, Mother of Christ and of all the Deities. Some gifts were offered by the collectives, one of which was a marble statue of the Angel of Resurrection.

Shri Mataji then moved back to Her home in Palazzo Doria passing through lines of yogis singing Her name.

Jai Shri Mataji



By Clémence from Paris, France on Tuesday 14th April

We felt Shri Mataji's compassion & tremendous love for us as Her car drove in the alley of

the hangar.

Just remembering this day now that I'm back home in France fill my eyes with emotion.

The Puja brought us in a deep meditative mood and gratitude was in everybody's heart for

Our Mother has answered our desire to see Her again and again.


Jay Shr Mataji