Wednesday 15th April

A memorable evening for the Children from Centrassi

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Today the children from Centrassi had the blessing of being at Shri Mataji's Lotus Feet.
It was late in the evening, when the famous Yellow bus from Centrassi pulled up in front of the Castle with 32 eager children aboard.
As they gathered in Mother's living room; soon seated and quiet. In their angelic voices, they started singing bhajans in praise of Our Divine Mother, who would hear them from Her bedroom.
After a few beautiful songs, Shri Mataji asked them to come in to Her room. This eager group of tiny tots rushed to offer Her flowers and bowed down in devotion. With such joy to see Her, the children burst out into 'He Nirmala Maa' while Mother lovingly glanced at each child in the room.
When they returned to the living room, they stood wondering at the sight of school uniforms. Shri Mataji had chosen their school uniform, which on this occasion had been prepared for the boys and girls, and given out with Sadhana didi's help. Shirts, trousers, jackets, skirts, cardigans and kurtas were received by the cheerful lot, who instead, hugged & kissed didi in their excitement.
A small dinner had also been prepared for the children - sandwiches, samosas and gulab jamuns.
The happy group soon left with hearts filled with love after having seen their lovely Shri Mataji. One can imagine what were they thinking, "Thank you Shri Mataji, for our school in Centrassi."


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