Tuesday 14th April

Shri Mataji blesses the renovators of Palazzo Doria

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Today, more than 20 sahaja yogis who had worked at renovating the Castle recently, had the blessing of being received by their Beloved Mother.
There were major renovation works at the Castle this winter. These yogis worked through the last 5 months up till the very day of Shri Mataji's arrival at Palazzo Doria. Not only were they responsible for the mammoth task of installing floor-heating but also undertook re-decorating Shri Mataji's living room space. The words of Mother, up on Her arrival last week, still clear in their memory "Beautiful, beautiful."
After having bowed to Shri Mataji, each yogi was introduced to Her; their skill and role made known - carpenters, electricians, decorators, painters and marble inlayers.
Before leaving, In Her infinite love, Mother gifted them kurtas, sarees and small vibrated padukas.
One could see gratitude in their eyes as they thanked Shri Mataji for the blessing they had been given of working at the castle


By sanjay dongre from romania on Saturday 18th April

Very lucky are the people to have had the chance to work at the Castle of Shri Mataji.