Monday 28th December

Marriage ceremony in Rome

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Jai Shri Mataji

23:25 Marriage ceremony is over. Shri Mataji has now left the hall.

21:30 Marriage ceremony has started

19:45 Gauri Puja in the Divine presence of Shri Mataji has started

More details and the video will be available online in the next few days.





By deepa oleg from Dubai on Tuesday 10th March

it is really a joyous feeling for us to watch sahasrara puja live from cabella  and share with you this great blessing  from shri mataji .
jai shri mataji !

By lalit kumar from India on Saturday 26th December

jai shri mata ji

thank you so much 4 your effert

its make us happy and joyess :-)

By Debashish Das from NaviMumbai, CBD Belapur, India on Saturday 26th December


I am very happy to know that mother (means grandmother- according to me) is taking puja at rome (where Jesus Christ took birth & also sacrificed his life for humankind). I am little bit sad as mother did not took puja in India. But I know why she did not took puja in India; So that is why we are not very much sad. Now I am happy because foreigner sahajayogi would be happy as they are celebrating CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR with mother. But even she is not here I & my family & other sahajayogi( would be) feeling joy, enlightenment & full of happiness as when she was here in India. 





By Tatiana from Brazil on Saturday 26th December

Thank you for the transmition from yesterday, 25...was wonderful see Shri Mataji listening the beatiful bhajans composed by our big uncle Babamama and this amazing qawali "Mere Mata Ka Karam"!

Jai Shri Mataji!

Tati - Brazil colective

By Mayur Khalge from Pune, Maharashtra. on Sunday 27th December


All Sahajayogi are enjoying the 26th vibrant day in presence of "H.H. Shir Mataji and Sir C.P. Shrivastava" Mother give the Nirmal Blessing to Spread the Her Divine Love of all world. See the live Broadcast  form Rome is really great thing to us our Sahaj Family. I really by heart thanks, to all Communication Team and to all technical support team.

Jai Shree Mataji.

By Manga, UK from UK on Monday 28th December

Thank you all for your kindness and dedicated efforts to share such a historical and joyous moments with us. Christmas puja we watched together as collective from UK national centre and it was so deep. Thank you for broadcasting marriages today as it is always very special to be there in those moments when sahaj marriages are performed with very special blessings of Shri.Mother and Shri.Ganesha. Jai Shri Mataji!

By Corinne from Mulhouse - east of France on Tuesday 29th December

I just wanted to say THANK YOU very much to the team for the live retransmission work so that we can feel as if we were really there at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji with all brothers and sisters... and in fact, we were...

It's so great, thanks again !

By Irina from Russia on Tuesday 29th December

Thank you very much for your job. For everyone, who can not go sometimes for Puja, it is only one possibility to see Shri Mataji, to be with sahaj collective on-line, to see some friends from other countries...Really - thanks again to all of you for the video and photos.