Saturday 2nd May

Sahasrara Puja - Saturday entertainment program

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The Saturday evening highlight was the presence of renowned Indian musician Pandit Bhajan Sapori. The evening commenced by the Indian musicians seeking the blessing of Shri Mataji at Palazzo Doria.

The son of Pt. Bhajan offered his compositon Raag Nirmalkauns inspired and made for our Divine Mother. The words were beautifully knit in the raag. A student of the Pandit then sang Sufi songs, explaining the meaning of the words as she sang.

Sir CP came out to thank the musicians and said that Shri Mataji enjoyed the concert very much. The musicians then proceeded to the hangar to continue the concert, where the yogis had seen the 3 hours long concert transmitted from the Castle; and were now enjoying  dance performances from sahaj artists of all ages - in dance styles from Kuchipudi to Kathak and special dance composition to "Ma Tujhe Salaam"...

With the 'night young' the musicians played to the yogis, already enthralled by the events on this spectacular evening. The heavenly music melted the hearts of the listeners from midnight to early morning.



By priti borje from india,mumbai on Sunday 12th July

jai shree mataji

we all sahaj yojies love you very much .

thank you shri mataji for everything.