Tuesday 5th May

Puja to the Devi on the anniversary of the opening of the Sahasrara

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Today on the 5th of May, the anniversary of the opening of the Sahasrara, we had the blessing of doing Puja to Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji was in a beautiful yellow saree, awaiting the yogis. As various country representatives entered Her room, two ladies decorated Mother's Lotus Feet with kumkum and spirnkled rice; while others offered flowers, prasad thalis, and gifts.

A short puja ceremony with aarti was performed before the Yogis did namaskaar and joined the yogis in the piazza to meditate.

While in meditation, our favored musicians of this blissful weekend, Pt. Bhajan Sapoori played lovely raags for Shri Mataji and the yogis present in the Living Room at the Castle. Throughout the evening, yogis exclaimed that their Sahasraras were never this open before, a true memento of the Paramchaitanya to all.

Thank You Shri Mataji for opening the Sahasrara, may we all work hard, as You have, to make the whole world feel its presence.



By Meenakshy Dhangar from Pune, India on Tuesday 12th May

We really 'Thank' from the depth of our heart to all sahaja yogis who have been updating all of us who are in the different parts of the globe to enjoy such beautiful moments & above all such good Vibrations through these pstings of photos, videos etc.Thank You so much!!! Jai Shri Mataji.

By Verona Jordan - Luton from England on Tuesday 12th May

Thanks for these amazing and glorious photographs. Just beautiful.

Jai Shri Mataji