Sunday 10th May

Mother's Day celebrations in the Holy presence of Shri Mataji

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Today on Sunday the 10th May Yogis were blessed to celebrate Mother’s day in the Holy presence of Shri Mataji at Cabella.

A gazebo was prepared with beautiful decorations and carpets in the courtyard of Palazzo Doria. Around 150-200 Sahaja Yogis gathered this afternoon to celebrate Mother's Day by offering their worship at her Holy Feet of  Shri Mataji.

In the afternoon Shri Mataji, our beloved Mother, kindly accepted to bless Her children on this special day. She was in a floral sari and a solid purple shawl. With Her arrival at the castle bridge the sounds of "Swagat, Aagat . . ." reached through the hills of Cabella.

Shri Mataji was welcomed with aarti. As the bhajans continued, gifts and flowers were offered to Shri Mataji by the yogis from all over the world. Greeting cards and flowers for this special day were also offered on behalf of the Centrassi, Canajoharie and Dharamshala Schools.
As the bhajans continued (Awaz Uthaenge, Adi Maya Ambabai, Mata Ka Karam) what appeared to be several fields of flowers were offered along with various other gifts from yogis representing some of the finest Italian art and handicraft (painted vases, glasses, pottery, paintings, etc.).

At the precise moment when there was a lapse between the bhajans a beautiful poem in Her Holy praise of our most divine Mother, Shri Mataji was offered on behalf of the Yuva Shakti. It reads:

Greatest Queen of Eternal Grace
Rays of Blessings always flow from Your Face
All the demons are destroyed by Your Thunder
No word can express Your amazing wonder
Deities and Gods are entied by Your Lace
Empress sublime of the Universe You made

Mystical Rose that will never fade
All the Universe is a mirror of Your Beauty
Divine Mother, the cosmos is Your golden seat
Realizing Your glory is our joyful duty
Eternally we bow at Your Lotus Feet

(the first letter of each line of the poem spells GRANDE MADRE - Great Mother)

Throughout the Puja Shri Mataji smiled intermittently pouring Divine Fragrance on Her children. As the Bhajans came to a close a prayer was offered in both Italian and English on behalf of all of the Sahaja Yogis of the world. The vibrations and Love continued to escalate until the collective heart was completely filled with joy, blended with a state of absolute inner satisfaction.

After the departure of Shri Mataji to the castle a very enthralling sitar and tabla performance was rendered. The joy continued to flow effortlessly throughout the courtyard with music playing while a few yogis enjoyed meditation, and children playing. It was as if the entire collectivity was eternally enveloped by the Love and Protection of Our most Divine Mother. What could be a greater event of receiving blessings from our most holy Mother Shri Mataji on this special Mother’s day?
Thank You Shri Mataji for blessing us by allowing us to have Your darshan. We offer our heartfelt gratitude and bow in obeisance  at Your Holy Feet with prayer in heart, Mother ‘Thy will be Done’.



By Rudy Kaiser from Bieberstein Castle, Germany (Frankfurt-Collective) on Thursday 14th May

I'm sitting here, filled with vibrations, together with my 5year old son, just having seen all the slide show and having read some of the text. We would like to thank you for admitting public access to so much beauty and joy.

All the best from a lushly green early summer in central Germany. We are blessed with birds' chirping and some beautiful silence underlying. Thank you, Mother! Thank you, sisters & brothers. We just love you!

Rudy & Mohammed Kaiser

By Dipankar Sharma from Germany on Saturday 16th May

Watching Sri Mataji's Photos of Mothers Day filled me with full of vibrations from nowhere. Thank You Oh Sri Mataji for all the kindness and grace you have showered on us.

Thank you  to my brothers and sisters for sharing these Golden Pictures.