Friday 1st May

Sahasrara Puja - Friday entertainment program

The evening program began with welcome aarti to Shri Mataji (Nirakara form) followed by the collective meditation. The cultural event was studded with various artists which included some blues number. The pinnacle of the evening reached with the international bhajan groups stealing the show with their wonderful collective bhajans.

More than 1000 Sahaja Yogis from all over the world, arrived for the festive Puja weekend. A welcome bindi and sweets greeted all as they arrived. The weather, cool with warm sunshine over the entire weekend, made it perfect for everyone to enjoy the river and sit in the beautiful garden in front of the hangar.

Each day began with a collective meditation around 07:30 am in the morning with talks of HHSM from previous Sahasrara pujas. More than 200-300 yogis meditated in the early hours in the valley of Cabella. After collective announcements for the day, the yogis chatted their way back for collective breakfasts prepared by their brothers and sisters with love.

On Saturday a special workshop was organised to open up the Sahasrara fully - head message with vibrated oil. Thomas from Germany demonstrated as to how one can message oil on the head to nourish the pithas (centres on the head) of the chakras. He combined the knowledge about the pithas given by Shri Mataji and some ancient Chinese techniques on head massage.  A collective Havan was performed to clear out the negativity in preparation of the Puja.


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