Sunday 17th May

A blissful morning with Shri Mataji

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This morning Shri Mataji expressed a desire to see some artistic items, amongst the gifts that were offered to Her in the past weeks.

A variety of artifacts, tea sets, marble statues and ceramic plates we brought in front of Mother. She was admiring and directing the attention of the yogis present to every detail on these beautiful illustrations of craftsmanship: the fine chiseling on the silver, the delicate motherly features of the statue, the scenes depicted on the painting. Shri Mataji wanted to know everything about the gifts: the name of artists, the place where we found these items, and much more. There was a lovely moment when Mother gazed long upon a beautiful book on Renaissance.

Our hearts were filled with joy when, with a loving smile, Shri Mataji remarked, "Today I am very happy!".

Mother, may we be always worthy of Your Darshan. May our devotion, thoughts and action always please You.



By RADHIKA SHETTY from MUMBAI,INDIA on Tuesday 19th May

Thank you Mother, for everything you have given us

By Yuvashakti from Pune on Tuesday 19th May

O Divine Mother ~ May we all, your children, please You always. Salutations to the Queen of Sahastrar !

By Madhu from on Wednesday 20th May

Holy Mother   Thankyou for coming on the earth and we r grateful to u for showing us the path of our real home. I love You Mother.

By C.S.Ranga Sai from Muscat,Oman on Wednesday 20th May

Shri Mataji! May, we ,your children, be worthy of your attention all the time. Thank you mother, for giving us the sahaj platform to live. The whole world may be transformed through sahaj love.

By roshni from nagpur on Thursday 21st May

Thanks mother

By from on Thursday 21st May

Pranam Shri Mataji!!!

Thank You Mother for all the gifts You have given us. Words cannot express our gratitude. Let our only desire be to please You.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

By Vytas from Lithuania on Friday 22nd May

Jay Shri Mataji! thank you brothers and sisters for sharing this great joy with all of us.   its great to know every detail from Cabella. JSM! 

By Mamta from Genoa Italy on Saturday 23rd May

Dearest Mother, You are the Italian Renaissance, You are the supreme Source of Inspiration in human beings; Your Lotus Feet are pouring joy on the universe.JAY SHRI MATAJI!


By Ankit from Pune,India on Saturday 23rd May


Thanks for such wonderful photographs.

After watching these photos ,specially those in which shri mata ji was smiling, my heart was full of joy. Again thanks


By Scot Nelson from Hilo, Hawaii on Saturday 30th May

I love you, Mother.

By Nutan from pune on Monday 22nd February

Mother by your grace we got our realisation,now you only make a good mediator  so that we can spread sahajayoga.


By Milind Paricharak from sangola,maharashtra,INDIA on Sunday 14th March knows every thing...................only give order what we have to do now.............tell us what we do for your happyness.......jay shree mataji