Sunday 7th June

Adi Shakti Puja

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As the evening of the Puja arrived, the hangar was ready with a beautifully decorated stage and hundreds of yogis were anxiously waiting for the arrival of our beloved Shri Mataji. Collective meditation was initiated with screening of a very powerful old video speech of Shri Mataji that followed with a few bhajans in praise of the Adi Shakti.

Shri Mataji arrived at the hanger at 8pm. The yogis welcomed Shri Mataji with  Swagat Aagat, while little children gathered at the door to avail the early glimpse of Mother and laid  flowers as She passed by them. The puja started with Shri Ganesha Mantra while the children offered flower petals at Mother's Lotus Feet. A short puja offered at Her Holy Feet with bhajans and shringar.
After the aarti, the yogis were blessed and overwhelmed with joy as they learnt that Mother desired to stay longer amongst Her children enjoying more bhajans. The music choir sang in Her praise while others were blessed to offer bouquets of flowers and  gifts at Her Holy Feet. The evening of Shri Adi Shakti Puja was a divine bliss for the Sahaja Yogis as they could enjoy the presence of their Mother for a whole two hours on this very auspicious day.

Later in the evening, a small concert was organized at the Castle that Mother enjoyed 

It was indeed a very joyous and festive puja weekend. Yogis were blessed with lovely weather and lots of sunshine throughout the day.
On behalf of the Sahaja Yoga world collective, we thank You Shri Mataji, for accepting the Puja at Your Holy Feet. May You kindly accept our Prayer, Pranam and Surrender at Your Holy Feet. We, thank You again and again for the joy that You showered upon us to celebrate this day in Your Holy presence.



By Sahaja Yogi from America on Tuesday 9th June

Pranam Shri Mataji

Thank you again and again for filling us up to overflowing. May we be so filled with Your love that it flows to others and the wave of Divine Love engulfs the entire humanity, bringing all to Your Lotus Feet.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

By deepa patel from nagpur , india on Thursday 11th June

Thankyou shri mataji for the  love and blessings that u shower on us.

By ladányi erzsébet from nemesvita hungary on Friday 12th June

 I met our mother, when she visited Hungary 13 years ago.she is with me everywhere, everytime.I'm very hapy to be one cell in her body.    JAI SHRI MATAJI