Sunday 5th July

Guru Puja

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The evening of the Puja saw more than 1300 yogis singing bhajans and collectively meditating in the hangar in Cabella. Everyone sat clamly to await Mother's arrival - which could have been any hour after noon on this auspicious day.  The hangar was ready with a beautifully decorated stage with hundreds of plants and flowers to set the scene of an ancient jungle complete with ruins, pillars of yesteryears.

At the same time our Lakshmis from the hosting countries made their way to the Castle to offer the Lakshmi basket on the occasion of the puja to our Guru Maa. Shri Mataji saw them all shortly and then made Her way to the hangar where yogis were anxiously waiting for the arrival of their beloved Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji arrived at the hanger at 8pm. The yogis welcomed Shri Mataji with  Swagat Aagat. The puja started with Shri Ganesha Mantra while the children offered flower petals at Mother's Lotus Feet. 8 ladies from hosting countries bowed to Mother and thus began the decorating of Her Lotus Feet and Shringar. A short aarti was performed to conclude the event.

After the aarti, Mother stayed longer with us. After the collective gift from the hosting countries, yogis went up to offer bouquets of flowers and gifts at Her Holy Feet. The evening was a divine bliss for the Sahaja Yogis as they could enjoy the presence of their Mother for a whole two hours on this very auspicious day.

We thank You Shri Mataji, for accepting the Puja at Your Holy Feet. May You kindly accept our Prayer, Pranam and Surrender at Your Holy Feet. We, thank You again and again for the love and patience that You give us as you guide as as our Guru in our ascent.


By C.S.Ranga Sai from Muscat,Sultanate of Oman on Friday 17th July

Shri Mataji, we are thankful to you for accepting the puja to worship as our Guru. By your grace we have become our own master.

We again and again pray to you to bless us to surrender at your lotus feet and receive your blessings.

We are fortunate that we have you as our guru to remove the darkness of ignorance within us and show us the right path.

We again submit ourselves at your lotus feet.

Jai Shri Mataji.