Tuesday 7th July

Guru Purnima

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Today we celebrated Guru Prunima in the holy presence of Shri Mataji at Palazzo Doria. Yogis from around the world came together to celebrate and venerate our Divine Mother on the occasion. The evening was going to be memorably beautiful for everyone with the remarkable musical evening program from Meena Phaterphekar and Nirmal sangeet Sarita, with numerous offerings from countries across the globe. The music sung the praise of the guru of how life would be futile without the blessings of yoga, with many a bhajans and songs, from renowned saints like Shri Gnaneshwara, Shri Kabira. The evening reached its climax with jungalbandhi and bhajans in raag bhairavi.

After the concert everyone offered flowers to Mother to thank Her for the love and guidance She has bestowed upon us, Her children. The celebration continued late in the evening with more sahaja bhajans along with celebrations of Sir CP's formal birthday (8/07), where he most lovingly praised and thanked mother for saving him in numerous occasion and his sole purpose of life was staying by her side.

Throughout the evening Mother looked very attentively at everyone and asking on a certain occasion when CEL, Center of Evolutionary Learning, offered flowers that if they were 'Old Yogis'.

With hearty surrender to You, Divine Guru Mata, we thank you for awakening of the Guru Tattwa within us.


By James from Canada - Australia on Friday 10th July

So beautiful! So wonderful! So loving!

Jai Shri Mataji

By yobini brahmankar from Pune,India on Monday 13th July

Jai shri mataji .. my inner most desire to meet you in person .. we celebrated Guru Purnima in pune as well wish I could see you soon .

By Ashok Singh from Pune, India on Tuesday 14th July

After waiting a long, now I am able to see the Divine photos of GURU PUJA's which are full of vibrations. Thanks and KOTI KOTI Pranam to our Mother --Ashok Singh

By Smita Saxena from Kolkata - India on Thursday 23rd July

It was immense pleasure to see the Saakar Guru Puja Photos!!!

Jai Shri Mata Ji !!

By from on Sunday 9th August

Mother we thank you with all our heart a thousand times...you are verily the greatest guru of all the times