Thursday 13th August

Mothers amazing visit to Austria

It all started with a rakhi being sent from Austria to Cabella, as the symbol of ONE WORLD, for Sri Mataji on 1st August. That very day we received news about Mother’s desire to come to Her house in Austria. The news was received with great joy and reverent prayers that nothing would change the course of Her coming to Austria.

Sahaja Yogis from all over Austria put themselves into full gear to prepare for Mother’s coming in three days time. Her house which was painstakingly being finished over last three years suddenly turned into a palace in heaven over the last three days. Walls were being freshly painted, hand made furniture’s, bed sheets, curtains and plethora of heavenly objects began to find their perfect place in Sri Adishakti’s palace.

Day 1 - Arrival

Friday 7th August, around noon time Sri Mataji’s plane landed at the Vienna Schwechat. A stream of yogis had gathered at the airport arrival hall to receive our Holy Mother visiting Vienna after 14 years. The sound of the conch welcomed Her advent to Astraland.

Sri Mataji and Her family were received very briefly at the airport before being driven straight to Her new home Nirmalprasth. Hundreds of yogis were waiting for Sri Mataji’s arrival with flower bouquets on their hands, prayers in their hearts and songs praising their Divine Mother on their lips. As Sri Mataji’s car entered the gates of Her new home, sounds of Her Jai kara whistled through the atmosphere. Flower petals were showered on the car by the yuvas and kindergarten children from Austria.

An appropriate reception ceremony was arranged in the large mediation hall of the house for Sri Mataji, Sir CP and Sadhana Didi. A special welcome song which was a fusion between Indian classical and western music greeted our Holy Mother.

The yogis then spread over the spacious lawns in front of the house which also connected into the houses of yogis adjacent to Mothers house. This is one of the most beautiful examples of collective living which is slowly manifesting as a Sahaja Yoga village. One day maybe the entire world would be able to live as one global village of realised souls created by Sri Adishakti Sri Mataji Nirmaladevi.

The evening blossomed beautifully to greet Sri Mataji in the meditation hall which although was jam packed seemed spacious enough for all the yogis gathered from far and near. The little angels from the Austrian Sahaja Yoga kindergarten filled the heart of all present with their welcome song for Sri Mataji, inviting Her to their Kindergarten which would soon be built in basement of Her house. Since Mother’s arrival to Austria took place between Raksha Bandhan and upcoming Sri Krishna Puja in Cabella, the theme of the evening program turned around Lord Krishna’s leela. The program was richly filled with Bharat Natyam dance, bhajans, Mozart’s music and heart opening Kawalis by yuvas. Mother stayed with us for the entire evening program fulfilling our pure desire of many years. We experienced the most wonderful silent collective meditation immediately after Sri Mataji left the hall, absorbing Her Divine vibrations into whatever subtle space that was available in our being.

A new Sahaja Yogi who had not seen Sri Mataji in his lifetime was overcome with such tremendous awe that he could not even raise his eyes to look at Sri Mataji. He said that it was impossible for him as a human being to look at the face of God, “as one cannot even imagine Gods Glorious Face through human minds”

The night was still young with yogis spreading out on the lawns, chatting with their brothers and sisters. The waning full moon from the auspicious raksha bandhan (which fell this year on the 5th of August) shone brightly over Mothers house. From the lawn yogis caught a glimpse of Her palatial rooms revealed through the slightly open doors of the second and last floor of Her heavenly palace.

The news of Mothers arrival spread quickly as many yogis from neighbouring countries poured into Vienna. Local Sahaja Yogis were more than happy to lovingly host their brothers and sisters who had come to witness this most amazing Sahaj event on earth.

Day 2 - Raksha Bandhan

Saturday 8th of August would go down in the Sahaja Yoga history of Austria as Mother blessed the collective Raksha Bandhan ceremony that day. The Yuvas had diligently worked until early hours of the dawn to produce the most colourful Rakhi’s and two very beautifully decorated sticks (representing the sticks of Sri Krishna used for dandia/stick dance) to be vibrated by Sri Mataji. The lawn in front of Sri Mataji’s house transformed into the garden of Paradise as hundreds of Rakhi plates were arranged for Sahaja Yogis to collectively celebrate Raksha Bandhan festival. It was like a dream coming into reality as the desire to have a collective Raksha Bandhan during the last Austrian Seminar actually came to fruition now in the Shakshat presence of Sri Mataji.

Around 18:30 pm Sri Mataji with Sir CP and Sadhana didi appeared on the balcony so that they could watch the wonderful event of Raksha Bandhan being performed in the lawn below. This was the most amazing scene in the history of Sahaja Yoga, a picture of heaven on earth. God Almighty Herself witnessing the pure and chaste love being expressed among Her children. The whole nature was responding to this beautiful happening on earth as we saw the eyes of Sri Ganesha appearing on the cloud in front of the balcony. The joy of the yogis knew no bounds as they spontaneously joined the stick dance initiated by the yuvas. Sri Mataji and her family witnessed this event to the end.

After this wonderful event some yogis got a chance to speak with Sir CP. Sir welcomed us with such sweetness and gentleness that we felt our Mothers Love flowing through him to us. We had to plead with him to take his seat as he was feeling very uncomfortable that we did not have chairs to sit down. His nobility and humility give us a model as to how we should respect and appreciate our Sahaja Yogi brothers and sisters.

Suddenly the door of Sri Mataji opened up and Lo! as if Sri Krishna himself would come from Dwarika we saw our Holy Mother appear before us. The sight was so tremendous that we felt Sri Mataji’s wheel chair was moving on its own. The force of Her vibrations gently pushed us back and we out of respect for the protocol waited outside till we were summoned in.

Sir CP spoke at length with us about how Sri Mataji’s vision is to create ONE WORLD and a united family. He recommended us to fully take up the task which She has been doing over the last three decades. He said that we are so successful in spreading Sahaja Yoga because God Almighty sees the sincerity of our efforts and that our Mother represents God Almighty on earth.

Day 3Puja Day

Sunday 9th of August was the Puja day. As if it would be a divine plan, it turned out to be Ganesh Sankashta Chathurthi - a very auspicious day according to the Hindu calendar for worshiping Lord Ganesha. It is widely believed that doing puja on Sankashta Chaturthi will bring prosperity, happiness and fulfilment of desires. The greatness of Sankashti Chaturthi was explained by Lord Krishna to Yudhishtira, the eldest of the Pandavas.

Interestingly, this year after Guru Purnima the children from Austria offered presents and flowers to Sri Mataji on the Sankashti Chaturthi Day seeking Her Divine Blessings for protecting them and all the Yuvas around the world.

It was a short but very intensive Puja. The cool vibrations and inner silence revealed the joy of the all pervading spirit that encompassed all present into a soothing feeling of oneness. A few national presents were offered to Sri Mataji. The builders of the Sri Mataji’s house presented the foundation stone in midst of an Austrian patriotic choir.

Sir CP spoke on behalf of Sri Mataji, expressing how much they loved their new home, saying that it was only 2nd to Prathisthan (which was designed and built by Sri Mataji). He applauded this great collective work done by all yogis and announced that Sri Mataji would definitely come many more times to Her new house in Austria.

At this moment we felt that it is no more our Nirmalprasth, it is Her Nirmalprasth and we are fortunate to be in Her house.

Day 4 - Departure

Monday 10th of August marked the farewell ceremony for Mother and Her family. Initially a few groups of yogis from various centres, collectives and teams started assembling at Her doorstep waiting for their chance to offer their presents of love. As Sri Mataji was sleeping very long and had to leave to the airport soon, we all were allowed to go in at the same time. It felt as it Sri Mataji weaved our different threads of love into Her beautiful Divine carpet of ONE FAMILY.

All the yogis offered their love and pranams to Sri Mataji, thanking Her from the bottom of their hearts for allowing them to celebrate this most wonderful festival in Her loving presence and receiving Her most coveted Darshan.

As Sri Mataji’s wheel chair was being toed towards Her car through the masses of yogis gathered there to greet Her farewell, the Austria musicians played Donau Walzer. Sadhana didi was so touched that there were tears rolling down her eyes.

There was only one prayer on the lips of all yogis “Mother we all love you, please come back to your home in Nirmalprasth soon”.

Jai Sri Mataji!

Sahaja Yogis from Austria



By Dorothy Logan from Phila. Pa. USA on Thursday 13th August

Jai Shri Mataji,

This email was the most special gift I could have received today apart from having our Holy Mother here in the USA.

It is so joygiving to see how She is smiling at Her children and looking so fantastic.

I truly enjoyed read about this event and felt so much joy and was so amazed that our Mother travelled so close to another big celebration. It is all too clear that She is Divine. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful news.

By Poonam from Kuwait on Thursday 13th August

Shri Mataji by Your Divine grace we all Your children are One Family and we all thank You for choosing us to do Your Divine work! Bolo Shri Adishakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ki...... JAY!!

By Jana Sheth from currently in California on Thursday 13th August

Jai Shri Mataji,

This was such a beautiful event for the central Europe. I am Slovakian, but I couldn't be present on this auspicious day. I saw all pictures from Ashram in Austria on line and it was so honorable to see how beautiful and simple Shri Matajis Ashram's is.Fantastic work.

Thank you.




By Shashidhar from Bangalore on Friday 14th August

Thank you Mother for blessing us with such a wonderful Austrian collective who have created such a beautiful atmosphere....

By Ashok Roy from Gurgaon, India on Friday 14th August

Jai Sri Mataji,

This is an awesome feeling to witness this event & tears of joy coming out, bringing us all together. 

Thank you Mother..

By Ajit from Delhi, India on Friday 14th August

We are only wondering that when even the description of Shri Mataji's stay in Austria is so full of divine vibrations, what a wonderful and joy giving feeling all our sahaja yogi brothers and sisters present there must have felt in the most auspicious presence of our beloved Mother. 

We would like to thank you for sharing this divine experience with all the brothers and sisters of the world.

                                    Jai Shri Mataji

By Deepak Malaviya from India on Friday 14th August

The Love and Compassion of The Goddess bubbling out from this narration has 

filled our hearts with The Divine Bliss. We all bow down to Shri Adishakti Param Pujya

Shri Mataji for fulfilling the desires of Austrian Collectivity and with them the

whole world. JAI SHRI MATAJI.

By Denis from USA on Friday 14th August

What a beautiful account! It is full of vibrations. Thank you very much for sharing and for taking such good care of our Mother. Austrian dedication and devotion is an example for all.

By Ramya.R from Bangalore,India on Saturday 15th August

Jai Shree Mataji to all my sahaj family members.It was heartfelt to know how

much my sahaj brothers and sisters have rslished and witnessed this event.

Hope we all join hands and help ourselves in becoming "THE NIRMALITE".

All my love to you all sahajis.

By Umen from Canada on Monday 17th August

Love,love,love nothing but  pure love.Very well narrated.I felt that not that I am reading but i am there.


By from on Monday 17th August

Thank you for these words. My heart was moved by them. Only this way I could imagine feelings you had had during that period. I hope that we will become one family very soon without any limits.

Much love to all my SY sisters and brothers
Bozena from Poland

By priya from malaysia on Thursday 20th August

Amazing........ Once i read about the experiences, in seconds i felt that i am in Austria welcoming mother in my heart with tears of joy and satisfaction. Jai shri mataji.

By Sajal Kumar Bardhan from New Delhi ,India on Thursday 20th August

It was a great Programme .My heart was fully touched while reading the news.Hope i would have been there with all Sahaja Yoga brothers and sister arrived from different corners of the world and could enjoy the whole programme .

By Anita Kasture from Gurgaon,India. on Friday 21st August

jai shri mataji,

Its just amazing......................:)

By C.S.Ranga Sai from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman on Friday 21st August


Thank you mother for your blessings and uniting us as one family.

By dr ak sharma from gurgaon india on Saturday 22nd August

god gift to read our divine mother went to Austria /we promise to make Her dream of one world as family come true bless us mother my dream of 20 years in sahajyoga

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Saturday 22nd August

Jai Shri Mataji !

Wonderful !!! Heart filling !!!!

It is nice that our dear Mother has compasionately visited Australia at a short intervel.

Dear Mother, please bless all your children !!!


Jai Shri Mataji !  

By Jaikumar Tejwani from Delhi, India on Tuesday 25th August

The visit of Her Holiness to Austria is a message to all the Sahaja yogi's that she is a Maha maya and her life is all about spreading Love. We have to surrender to her completely to attain our goal of self realisation. Without any doubt, we need to believe that she is the supreme creator and we are her instruments for spreading her message of love.

By krishna kumar subedi from Bhutan on Tuesday 13th April

oh too touching mothers love is.all .i cudnot control looking at her photo just tears roll down out of immense love for her.her lov for us all is too great for us all.mother we lov u so much.