Friday 28th August

Daglio Camp '09

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As tradition would have it, the 14th International Sahaj Summer Youth Camp took place up in the mountains in the peaceful village of Daglio.  This year we had two camps, the boys camp ran from 19 July to 1 August (just after the Nirmal Arts Academy) and the girls camp started on 1 August and ended on 14 August (just before Shri Krishna Puja).

 From all over Europe and even from Iceland, Israel, Canada and Australia, children and Yuva's, Uncles and Aunties gathered in Daglio for 4 weeks of heaven on earth.

Every year Shri Mataji creates this camp in such a wonderfull way where we all meet at the jewel in the the mountains as a big family, where we can relax in the midst of the breathtaking landscape and serene nature, we all enjoy the spontaneity and joy of the children, and benefit from the divine vibrations during our meditations.

For those who have never been to any of the Daglio Camp's this is what a typical day is like:

Mornings in Daglio:
Wake up at 7 with morning stretching
We have Meditation and Breakfast
For the rest of the morning there are activities like Music, Bharatnatyam Dance, Wall Painting, Tree House Building, Pizza Oven Making (see the pictures), Nature Discovery, Bracelet Making, Animation, Drama, Movie Making, to name but a few...

After lunch and siesta we do more sporty activities like a 45 minute walk to Cartasegna where we swim in the waterfalls, or we do a Guru walk, or a treausure hunt or a ball game at the Daglio sports field.

The day ends with Dinner and evening meditation, and then bedtime for the little ones earlier than the teenagers.

On top of that we have activities like the 2 day walk, the night game and on the final night of the camp, all the crafts and arts are performed or presented at an exhibition prepared in the main hall.

As the children enjoy themselves, learn new arts, and deepen their Sahaj experience.  The Yuva's, Uncles and Aunties on the camp are basically doing the same!

We hope to see many more of you over the years.  Thank you so much Shri Mataji for these wonderfull experiences.

Jay Shri Mataji!

love from the Daglio Team



By Durga from Brazil on Friday 28th August

Hello brothers and sisters, Jai Shri Mataji!

Is beatiful to see the joy between children and yonguers!

Is really wonderful to feel this culture growing inside of each one of this future leaders and more than this the complity serrundering to Shri Mataji!

Jai Shri Mataji!

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Monday 7th September

We also pray and hope that such camps will take place sometime in our region also, which would be possible only  with Her blessing !

By Dinesh Patil from pune(india) on Sunday 20th September

I feel very nice after looking at this photograph. These activities really bring people together to give a feeling that we are one with our Mother and the whole world. We are part and parcel of this beautiful Sahaj world.