Sunday 23rd August

Ganesha Puja

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After a very eventful 5 days of music, arts, discussions and collective meditations, 2800 yogis were ready welcome Shri Mataji to the hangar for Ganesha Puja. While yogis meditated and sang bhajans, leaders of the hosting countries were in the Castle to welcome Mother to the Puja.

Shri Mataji came out of Her room with all splendor. A clear and attentive gaze fell on all present around Her. After the flowers were offered, our Laxshmis came through with the baskets with gifts.

When Mother arrived at the hangar, yogis sang together to welcome Her.

At the Puja began, a rush of children was found on the stage to offer flower petals to Mother's Lotus Feet. Soon three Yuva Shakti girls came forward to begin Puja to Shri Mataji in the form of Shri Ganesha. A short Aarti was then performed.

After the aarti, the collective gifts from the hosting countries were offered at Her Holy Feet.

We thank You Shri Mataji, for accepting the Puja at Your Holy Feet. May You kindly accept our Prayer, Pranam and Surrender at Your Holy Feet. We, thank You again and again. May all our actions be Auspicious and our Attention always guided towards our ascent.


By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Saturday 29th August


Jai  Shri  Mataji !!!

Thank you very much for giving a small but beautiful summing up of

Shri Ganesh Puja.


Shri Mataji, kindly bestow upon us the Ganesha tatva and make us innocent

and your worth children.

Please accept our humble respects.


By rama patnayak from india on Saturday 29th August

Param Pujniye, Adishakti Mataji, I bow at your holy feet and seek my ascent. I read this story of Ganesh Puja and was overwhelmed with the feeling of joy and felt so lively and cheerful, I pray to shri mataji to bless the whole humanity with this innocent pure joy and may every person on earth gets the realization to feel the blessings of our divine mother, jai shri mataji.

By Sushil Choudhari from Mumbai, India on Monday 31st August

Jai shri Mataji,

                    I am a regular visitor of this site but never got the chance of thank u sahajayogis that how great work u people are doing as universal. At the end of the Year December whenever shri mataji vists India , Pune there is little chance to see her clearly as of huge crowd. But through this website, information, photographs and videos it has become so easy to be with shri mataji as if the Adishakti is in our house. Although the Adishakti omnipresent but still this website encourages me very much.

                   Thank You again for the wonderful experience, and every thing.


                                                                 JAI SHRI MATAJI

By parul mehra from delhi,INDIA on Sunday 6th September

Thank You Shri Mataji for residing the small innocent ganesh within us .We shall always be humble and loving to our Mother,''SHRI ADISHAKTI''