Friday 21st August

Shri Mataji with the Yuva Shakti

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Today the Yuva Shakti were invited to Palazzo Doria to sing for their Beloved Mother. More than 300 Yuva Shakti from all around the world, who were present in Cabella for the Yuva Shakti Seminar, came together to the main piazza of the castle. A beautiful Gazebo was prepared for Mother's arrival that the Yuva Shakti helped decorating with flowers. Everyone sat and started singing bhajans while awaiting Mother. At 8 Shri Mataji descended in the piazza to the tunes of Swaagat Aagat.

Two Yuva girls came forward to perform Aarti to Mother, followed by Yuva Shakti who came forward to Thank Shri Mataji for blessing their Seminar. Two bhajans were sang in the presence of the Divine by all present. Shri Mataji looked radiant and Her gaze fell in every direction to see all the Yuvas who sang loud and clear to praise their Adorable Mother.

The Yuva Shakti thanked Shri Mataji for having given them Her darshan before She retired to the Castle. There was more singing, yuvas meditating and a small feast to look after everyone's nabhi.

Shri Mataji, we Your Yuva Shakti humbly ask You look after us. May we do Your will.  May all our actions always make You proud of us. May we always carry Your message of Love and human evolution forever.


By from on Wednesday 2nd September

Thank you for the update. Are there photos? - Many of the Yuvas look like angels. It would be wonderful to see them enmasse with our Mother.

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Friday 4th September

Thank you very much Shri Mataji for getting together the Yuvashaktis all over the world. They only will show lights to the seekers of future generation, with Your blessings. Please make them strong and dedicating.