Monday 2nd November

Guru Nanak's Birthday celabrated in Italy in Mother's presence

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On the day of Guru Nanak's birthday all children of Cabella and Centrassi school were invited to the Castle to meet Shri Mataji. When they arrived in Palazzo Doria, everything was ready for puja and they entered in Mother's living room. The vibrations opened up like flowers in our hands and Sahasraras.

"Thank you Mother.
A Thousand blessings You give to us
When You are in our Sahasrara.
A Thousand flowers so beautiful You give
When You are in our Heart.
Thank You for all of this, for the peace, for the joy and bliss
Thank You Mother.
A thousand star lights in the Heaven above
You made specially for all of us
to understand a little bit of how Great You are,
thank You again."

Teachers and aunties from the school had the privilege to carry the puja trays, to put cumcum and haldi on Shri Mataji's Lotos Feet, to apply perfume on Mother’s Hands and to offer Aarti. Shri Mataji was very alert and looked at each of the children one by one, right into their eyes as they did Pranam.  After everyone sat down and Sadhana Didi passed out bags of candy to everyone which Mother had vibrated.

"Mother Your beautiful Hands
holding the flowers of infinite Joy
sorrows and darkness destroy,
Mother, Your beautiful Hands..."

Children offered to Shri Mataji a beautiful card with written on the top "Jay Shri Guru Nanak" and inside with their own drawings put together towards the photo of Mother.
The atmosphere filled with magic and tremendous vibrations when childrens voices sang: "Thank you Mother", "Mother, Your Beautiful hands", followed by Cabella school song and ended with collective perrformance in Marathi of Saint Tukaram's "Omkar. Pradhan. Rupa Ganeshanche".

As the children were getting out of the door they were suddenly called back to take a collective photo with Shri Mataji. Everyone stood and sat around Mother's chair together with Papaji and Sadhana Didi. It was such a powerful experience and so intimate as well. We were all in heaven and just looked at each other, grinning and hugged and burst into songs again!

Thank you Mother for blessing us again and again with Your Love, Attention and Care!

Jai Shri Guru Nanak, Jai Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha



By Maria from Russia,Tolyatti on Tuesday 10th November

Thank you so much. Leaving these stories you let us to be in this beautiful atmosphere, get beautiful vibrations.

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Wednesday 11th November

Jai Shri Mataji !

It is joy giving news to know that the children alongwith the teachers  were blessed by our dear Mother , who accepted a little puja also on Shri Gurunanak Jayanti. The divine play are really wonderful.  Shri Mataji looked deep into every child was thrilling to read. They are fortunate enough to recite the Marathi bhajan with dedication.  We all have to learn a lot from the innocent children. 


Jai Shri Mataji ! 

By Rajshri Amlekar from Navi Mumbai, India on Saturday 14th November

Such a wonderful experience!! After reading this story I am really getting a feel of the atmosphere there, in my heart. Thanks for the story.