Monday 21st December

Christmas In Genova

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On Wednesday evening all the children and the staff of the Sahaja school in Cabella were invited by Shri Mataji to the Genova villa for a Christmas party.

Due to lots of traffic it was nearly eight oclock before everyone arrived at the villa and we were ready to go up to the second floor and offer Christmas wishes to Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. As soon as we had entered the house, the vibrations were flowing and we we could all feel our Mothers love.
The children sang Christmas carols like little angels for Shri Mataji in twelve different languages. Our Divine Mother was looking very intensely at every one in turn and was enjoying the rhythm of the songs. After the songs, flowers were offered to Mother and we all together wished Her a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. After, directly from the North Pole, Santa Clause came and give to the children a lot of gifts blessed by Shri Mataji.

In all we had been in Mothers Divine Presence for about forty minutes. After the children went to the first floor to eat the dinner, they had chicken nuggets and french fries and lots of nice deserts and some presents. The adults also had nice food and a present and soon it was time to leave Heaven and return to Cabella, bathed in divine vibrations.


By meena hurkat from mumbai india on Monday 21st December

beautiful photographs

started giving the feeling of christmas

By ROSANNA SONI from TORONTO on Monday 21st December

Very wonderful!The true meaning of Christmas is: stay with MOTHER and enjoy the vibrations! We don't need a fancy tree or dinner to celebrate Christmas but love, joy and peace within ourselves.

By Vaibhav Chandankhede from Nagpur, India on Thursday 24th December

Jai Shrimataji !!!!!!!!!!

Merry all..........

its great to celebrate christmas with our mother.....

thanks to website team for their sincere coverage, as we here in india would be able to enjoy these precious moments................

Jai Shrimataji  !!!!!!!!!!!!

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Saturday 26th December

Jai Shri Matji !


Thanks for the 'hot' news.  Let us all spread fraternity amongst all, specially

Sahaja Yogis during this Christmas & New Year.