Sunday 17th January

Celebrating Makar Sankranthi

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Today collectives from around Italy came to celebrate the beginning of moving of the Sun towards the Tropic of Cancer. Yogis arrived and sat together singing bhajans in praise of the Devi.

There was lunch prepared for all the yogis in Mother's house by our sweet sisters. After which bhajans continued and everyone slowly went into a deep meditation awaiting the darshan of the Devi.

At first a small group of yogis came to Shri Mataji's room. Yoginis decorated Mother's Lotus Feet with kumkum, rice and perfume. After aarti, flowers were offered, short prayers read to our Mother penned by out brothers and sisters. After a short moment everyone bowed down and made space for the bhajan group to come to the room.

With love and devotion, songs were sung. Yogis came in groups of 3 and 4 to offer flowers and gifts to Shri Mataji and then would make space for the next group to have the similar opportunity to express their love for Our Divine Mother. As the bhajans went on, Yogis joined and versed their prayer to the tunes of a qawwali formed spontaneously in front of Mother on this very day. Shri Mataji smiled occasionally, but throughout looked very keen at everyone present in the room. She would ask some yogis a few questions during the course of the few hours spent with Her children.

To end the evening we had a display of fireworks to celebrate the evening.



Following are the prayers that we were read to Our Holy Mother as one collective voice and desire from the entire world.

Oh Param Puja Shri Adishakti, salutations at Your Lotus Feet.

Oh Shri Shakumbhari Devi, on this auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranthi, please bless all Your children with sweetness in our speech and behavior. At this moment when we give each other Til-Gud (sesame and japery sweets).
Shri Mataji, let all Your children be sweet in their words to each other. Let us have unity among us and a pure discretion to distinguish between right and wrong (Satbuddhi).

Mother please accept this humble prayer at Your Lotus Feet.

Your children from around the World.

Dearest beloved Mother

On this most auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranthi, when calamity has drawn to an end, a new period of a new moon is blessing us, and the great sun is moving position to give us the energy we need.

We seel You Diving Nirmal Love and we humbly pray to You to expand our Bramha Nadhi more and more so we can become deeper and stronger;

To keep the axis of Adhyatma as the most important thing to be achieved, in oneness and unity

To carry the flag of Sahaja Yoga everywhere, in every country of the world to celebrate the Golden Age of Your Advent on this Earth.

Your Children



By Irina from Poland on Saturday 30th January

Thank You for this video and photos. After waching all this - my heart is full of love and joy and sweet memoring of colective of Genova (and other Italian jogis), collective of Genova and all the italian jogis are blessed by presense of our Mother - because You had a desire from yours really lovely hearts. Only lovely hearts can create so joyfull and homely fellings, but we have to remember - it is happened because Shri Mataji collected us from all the corner of the world and She loves us and we feel it and we can transfer to others.