Tuesday 26th January

Shri Mataji blesses us on the Indian Repubblic Day

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On the occasion of the Indian Republic Day, a small puja was offered to Shri Mataji. Yogis sang Vande Mataram and Ma Teri Jai Ho, while they offered flowers at the Lotus Feet of our Holy Mother.

Sir CP remembered with love the first hoisting of the Indian Flag, where he was present with Shri Mataji and their family; the active role of Mother in the fight for Independence.

The Australian collective presented flower as they celebrated Australia Day on the same day.



By Seema Sharma , from Dehradun ,India on Saturday 30th January

 Jsm,  Thanks for sharing such beautiful recent photos of our holy Mother.We r really blessed.Everybody present over there is so lucky ,to be in Mother's presence. Thank you Shrimataji for giving us this wonderful gift of Sahaj Yoga.Please give your blessings so that we can spread it everywhere in the world.So that all our brothers and sisters of the world can become aware of Sahaj Yoga and get Your blessings.Gradually your dream will come true and the whole world will become Sahaj Yogis and everybody will be blessed by Your love and compassion.Thanks for everything you have done for us,thank you for everything you are doing for us and thank you for everything you will do for us .Jai Shri Mataji.

By Ashok Singh from Pune, Maharastra on Wednesday 3rd February

JSMJ to All,

It is great to read this celebration both Ripublic Day & Australia Day in the presence of our Holy & Beloved Mother..........JSMJ Ashok Singh, Pune 


By vaibhav from New york,USA on Monday 15th February

the brothers and sisters who are there must be really blessed with shri mataji's presence. even though we were not there,we also felt the vibrations here in the whole world.

I bow to shri mataji for giving us this beautiful gift of sahaja yoga and bringing us together as brothers and sisters.