Sunday 21st February

Shri Mataji & Sir CP engagement's 63rd anniversary

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On the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of Shri Mataji and Sir CP's engagement, yogis gathered to greet them at their Genoa Villa.

Following are some excerpts of Mother's talks where She talks of Sir CP.


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

I know My husband is another person whose birthday is today. Who is not here.  He sacrificed everything for honesty. For him honesty was, so important. He was wedded to it, I mean to such an extent, that if I tell you any story you will not believe to what extent he was honest.  One day we were, I had gone to a library and I was coming out in Lucknow, he was city magistrate  It was raining heavily, there was no rickshaws, nothing.  And as government servants you are very poor, you can't afford many things.  He came on a police jeep.  So I stopped him.  He said I can't stop I am going for important work, and I can't take you in the jeep.  It said alright you go ahead, it doesn't matter.  Because patriotism is very important.  If you have no feeling for your country, you can not do anything good.  Any kind of sacrifice is not sufficient, to satisfy that desire, to do something for your country and countrymen. One thing if our politicians know, that they are not in the business, they are not here to make money, but to get the fame. Even now today you take the name of Lal Bahadur Shastri, people just stop thinking, just they get lost. I know what My father said. I forced My husband, of course I forced him, to write a book about Shastriji.  You'd be surprised, as soon as it was published, all the books are already sold, already sold, all over the world. 
Shri Mataji Birthday Puja India 21-03-1995

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Now as you know, My husband has got this special award. And he has got thirty-one more awards, major awards, from 31 countries. And he is the only one in the whole world who has got these thirty-two awards, in the whole world.  And the award he has got is the highest.  There are very few people who have got it, one of them is Mr. Reagan. And I mean for an Indian it is out of question. There are five types of knightshood. And this is the highest of highest, which he got it. And he just started thinking about it.  And one of the meetings he said. That, I think in Pune he said it. It is only because of My Wife I am blessed, because She is so selflessly working, for the betterment of people, that perhaps the Divine is kind to me, and that is how I got it.  Even Mr. Parkinson, in his meeting very sweetly said, I mean the English you know how they are, not easy to give awards, to here and there. But very sweet man Parkinson. He made a big issue of the whole thing, we were invited in Lancaster House, which you know is the very rare place for English to invite.  And there were so many others also from British Parliament. And the British Parliament itself invited us, and gave My husband presents which are very special type.  So My husband said that, there are many like me, nothing so special.  Even in this meeting, when Parkinson said that I have heard about legends. I have never knew I was going to see one legend, and here it is somebody sitting in front of Me. Then later on after dinner, we started talking. So Parkinson asked Mr. Srivastava that, by the way how will you look with all these thirty-two awards on your body, because it is something for a superhuman being to have? He joked I will look like a ringmaster in a circus. But all the time he felt, he is so much changed My husband, so much changed, he became extremely humbled down. And he started suddenly caring to much for Me. He said You are extremely precious for the whole world.  And he is very sure that it is only because I am so much blessed by God that he is being looked after.

And every walk of life you see, he has been especially very helpful as far as money is concerned.  In the beginning of course, I mean we had to spend all My money to travel.  First time when I came to Australia twice I came with My own money.  And also your first leaders they came to India, I paid for them throughout. So he never objected to it.  Anytime even now, I mean if I need money for anything for Sahaja Yoga, he is the first to donate.  This year I don't know how much money he has really given.  He said this is the last year that I can really donate because now I will be retiring.  But as a result how he is blessed even money wise.  You would be surprised, because whenever we sold our houses in London. He got ten times more, twelve times more price.  Which is out of the blue, I mean nobody got it like that.  And the house was sold in no time, without no problems. And he has so much surplus money now.  And he has kept money for Me for My travel and everything. But he told Me one thing, that you have to show some income here, otherwise our government will start asking, how are you living there, after all it is My husband's money, but still. He is supposed to declare all his money, though he has donated it to Me, but still we have to show some income. I said alright I will try to see if I can arrange some sort of a royalty or something for My tapes, I think. So actually you see, he is so over satisfied about it.  And he knows that, he says nothing can happen to our family. Nobody can touch our children. And My son-inlaws are also doing very well.  My daughters are doing very well. My grandchildren are doing very well.  I have no problem from My family. They all support Me. They are always with Me. They are all very generous. Quite well to do people. They have no problem with money.  But they think that all blessing are because of You alone doing all this for Sahaja Yoga. And we have no family problems as some people have of this and that. No quarrels, nothing of the kind. This time I told him that Sahaja Yogis are here. He said you must invite them for lunch, to our place. I said I won't be here. He said don't worry I will arrange. And he really did such a good job of it.  Those that have been to Pratisthan this time, here? You see, remember the lunch he had arranged. All arranged by him. From ..., he did everything himself.  And he had to leave very soon after that. But he saw to it that he stayed there, entertained you all. And I have reports that on My birthday, they had a puja perhaps in England, he was there. They invited him and he gave a very beautiful lecture to them about Sahaja Yoga. So once you believe that you are blessed, then you should feel like doing something for it. And once you have that feeling within you, you will be really helped. 
Shri Mataji Bhavasagare Puja Australia 07-04-1991
Sir CP

That I first came face to face with this Divinity. That was the day of my transformation. That was the day when a Divine veil enveloped my being, from then on a Divine force, emanating from the source that you know, has been constantly with me, helping me, guiding me.  And that is the secret of whatever you may have heard today. After 3rd December, I did not lose much time. And I am sure you agree I shouldn't have.  We got engaged on the 18th of February 1947, and we got married of the 7th of April 1947.  And then events began to move very rapidly.  Events which might have seem impossible in normal circumstances. (transcribed from audio) 
1994-1203 Sir CP release of Book



By dr. meenakshi soni from jabalpur, india on Sunday 21st March

i really very very happy glad to know about papa ji.he is worlds best papa ji.thank u shrimata ji and papa ji we love u very very much.i inspired from smj comments.

By Deonarayan Khatiwara from Bhutan on Saturday 3rd April

wounderful. Thanks for sharing. We got to learn many more from infinitive being.