Sunday 7th March

Celebrating World Women's Day with Shri Mataji

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On the occasion of World Women's Day, yogis came together to celebrate with Shri Mataji at the Villa in Genoa. As flowers and gifts were offered, the bhajan group sang some lovely bhajans, which was followed by a aarti.


By ram from sarangpur on Sunday 14th March

jai shri mataji maa aap ko apke birhtday ki bohot si wishes first from me aapka beta ram jai shri mataji

By pranjal from nagpur,india on Sunday 14th March

thankyou MOTHER for this wonderful love ,thankyou MOTHER for everything

u r d greatest of all

v luv u alot please keep us all in ur "SHRI CHARNA"

By prasad devrukhkar from Maharashtra (pune) on Monday 15th March

Jai Shri Mataji,

 To all my yogi nd yoginis and wishu u all of u a very "HAPPY GUDHI PADVA" (ie. new calander year of all "sahajayogis"[ INDIA nd Abord]).

as per mention in this dialouge box that regarding response.

 All the photographs of shrimataji's are excellent. Even we fill that we are the part of that celebration thanks for such service that all of u rendered for us. Many many thanks to ur team.

If possible can u do one favour on us that, please while u telecast the pooja online plse send us one mail regarding to this event that will be the biggest favour on us.

At that moment we can call all the sahayogis to attend the shrimatajis pooja nd we could enjoy nd mediate same event here. And we can tell the other sahajayogis to attend the pooja on center or their home accordingly.

So if possible kindly do the favour on us nd send the link or website accordingly nd tell us how we can see the pooja.

Does it require any software? if yes then plse send us the process accordingly on aforesaid mail address.  

Thanks once again,

 Jai shri mataji 

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Wednesday 17th March

Jai Shri Mataji !

With Her blessings, a women's bill has been passed inthe Indian Parliament, giving moe

seats for women candidates .


This must be a land mark for counries like India, whee women are not given proper place

specially in undeveleoped aeas.  Hope, the bill passed will be useful to the depived community, with the divine blessings.

Jai Shri Mataji !