Sunday 14th March

Shivaratri Puja

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The sun shone bright from early morning on Cabella, promising a lovely warm day for 450 yogis that had gathered in Cabella to celebrate Shivratri Puja; to enjoy the early spring weather and meditate outside. At 9am this morning the bhajan group from the hosting country went to the Viila in Genoa to sing praises to Shri Mataji on the occasion of Shivratri puja. Three bhajans were sung.

At 2pm Mother departed from Genoa for Cabella. Yogis who had been meditating in the hangar soon found themselves in presence of Our Beloved Shri Mataji. Mother looked very attentive during the puja. Children came in numbers to offer flowers, ladies from the hosting countries came to begin the Gauri Puja. Soon after Shiv puja commenced, with leaders from the hosting countries offering leaves and fruits to the Lotus Feet of Our Mother. Mother was draped in white cloth and white-ash on Her Forehead. After a powerful aarti and the Sahasrar Mantra, yogis sat quietly in meditation. Gifts and flowers were offered by various countries, before Shri Mataji left for Genoa.

Thank You Shri Mataji for blessing us on this auspicious day. May we all gain Shiv Tatwa.


By vishwas jadhav from Pune,Maharashtra, India on Sunday 14th March

Jai Shri mataji

actually imiss the live program but attend nirakar puja in our local center ,we play shri mataji's old video ,shri mataji say about shiva , your "chitta- lean "to chaitnya

Jai Shri mataji

By Milind Paricharak from INDIA on Wednesday 24th March

thanks for sharing this occation with us.mother bless  all us.jay shree mataji.

By manga from uk on Thursday 25th March

Thank you for beautiful pictures