Friday 30th April

Realize America Tour, World Youth Congress, Realize Turkey Tour, and U.S. Sahaja Meditation Growth Team Materials Presentations to Shri Mataji

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Today Shri Mataji blessed several American Sahaja Yogis with the opportunity to present information about four upcoming projects.

The first project presented was a request for blessings for the 2010 Realize America Tour. The Yuva Shakti driven tour will take place this summer and cover four states over the course of one month. Shri Mataji gazed intently at the hand-made card and blessed the proposed tour.

The second project presented was a request for blessings for the 2010 World Youth Congress and the Realize Turkey Tour. The World Youth Congress is taking place in Istanbul and will host 1000 youth aged 15-30 years old. Each of these youth has been selected for their humanitarian efforts and their desire to support the 2015 United Nations Millennium Goals. Among the many thousands of applications for the Congress, we are excited to announce that 18 Yuva Shakti have been invited to attend. Following the World Youth Congress, 15-20 Yuva Shakti will travel for 9 days along the Western Coast of Turkey and give Self-Realization. Shri Mataji poured Her Divine Attention over these projects and gave Her Blessings.

The third proposal presented was a request for blessings on a video project opportunity about Shri Mataji’s Cabella School. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation recently invited youth to submit a proposal for a video about “what faith has inspired you to do.” Two Yuva Shakti submitted their proposal and were selected to be in the top 25 applications. The written submission is as follows:

“If We Are Not Collective, We Will Disappear One Day”
“My faith has inspired me to volunteer in an international boarding school in Italy.  In the school, the children and volunteers practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation, a type of meditation that enables one to connect and come into complete balance with oneself, one’s surroundings, and the Divine. This meditation was founded by Shri Mataji, or Nirmala Srivastava in 1970 and has spread to over 80 countries around the world, uniting hundreds of thousands people from all races, religions and walks of life.
    In the school, the children meditate, learn and play of course! Even though there are adults and children from over 12 different countries, and varied backgrounds, all of us coexist and thrive in our differences. Our aim is to teach the children how we are all one being and collectivity is the key to how we can make the world a more peaceful, loving place.
Shri Mataji has inspired us all through her life. As a child, she participated in the freedom struggle alongside Mahatma Gandhi, and later applied his principles to her teachings. She has traveled extensively to teach Sahaja Yoga around the world at no personal gain. She also founded an NGO shelter in Noida, India for destitute women and children, and international schools in five countries. In 1995, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    Through this film, I would like people to see how Sahaja Yoga has changed the lives of those it has touched, how it has brought me to Italy to volunteer with the next generation. I want the viewer to feel the love and family bond that exists between us all simply because we meditate together. I would like to use the teachers, volunteer staff, and some children as the cast, with the film being shot here in Italy, in the foothills of the Alps.
    The style will be a documentary with talking heads of adults and some children, as well as shots of the children meditating, learning, playing, and the mountainous environment of the school’s surroundings. The shots and interviews will illustrate the sense of collectivity and diversity we have here in our little corner of paradise.
    It would be a wonderful opportunity for the whole world to feel the love and peace that this meditation enables, and the best part is, anyone can do it! Regardless of religion, social status, or race, this is something everyone can truly share and enjoy.”

A video is now to be created and submitted for review, which will demonstrate the marvel of the Cabella School. If selected in the top three, the video will be showcased at the British Academy of Film and Television Awards in July 2010.  Shri Mataji viewed the Tony Blair Faith Foundation Video Proposal Card and granted Her Divine Blessings upon the plan.

The fourth presentation was a request for blessings on the results from the U.S. Sahaja Meditation Growth Team’s past 2 ½ years of work. New materials and new website have been created for reaching the American People with “Sahaja Meditation.” Shri Mataji saw the new materials and allowed us to navigate through many aspects of the new website. Shri Mataji graciously watched as we played a number of the videos from the website on Her television. With the launch of these new materials, major Sahaja Meditation Programs are proposed be conducted in 12 U.S. cities throughout this summer. Shri Mataji, in all Her Glory and Compassion, shone Her Attention on this project and gave Her Blessings.

All those present felt overwhelmed by Shri Mataji’s Divine Presence and Her outpouring of Divine Love and Attention. A historic summer with many opportunities for spreading Shri Mataji’s Divine Message lies ahead of us.



By Lally and Elvira from Moscow Russia on Tuesday 27th April

Jai, Shri Mataji! Dear brothers and sisters involved in these projects! May all your attempts be precise and you fulfil Shri Mataji's vision. Our hearts are fully with yours.

By BK Singh from Navi-Mumbai,India on Saturday 1st May

Jai Shrimataji With the blessings of Shrimataji let all your plans frutify and endevours successful to make this world a better place with  love and compassion.These tiny steps of yours will really become a big stride for humankind to be one with its divine self in truer sense by following the techings of our loving Mother.Jai Shrimataji!

By Troy from Australia on Tuesday 4th May

So great to see the dedication and desire of the Yuvas. Sure projects like these that harness mothers vibrations and love will be expressed so creatively and joyfully through them. Thankyou for helping bring about real positive change to this world.  Jsm!