Wednesday 5th May

Shri Mataji blesses us on the 40th year of the Opening of the Sahasrara

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Today yogis from around the world got together to celebrate 40 years of the opening of the Sahasrara at the Villa in Genova.

The atmosphere was full of mirth as yogis came together singing bhajans in front of Shri Mataji; everyone present brought many flowers, gifts to the Lotus Feet of Out Divine Mother. A small aarti was performed.

Oh Holy Queen of the Sahasrara, please help us become worthy of Your Attention, and let us enjoy our own 1000 Petals.



By preeti gangwar from india on Friday 30th April

  JSM, all you are so lucky enjoyed sakar puja . Please MOTHER keep us on your LOUTS FEET.                                                                                                             

By manisha nirmalhum.. from faridabad, india on Saturday 1st May

jai shri mata ji. if u have not started doing anything in Sahaja, take IT from MOTHER and start giving it right away..take SHREE MAA S RESPONSIBILITY on your shoulders..this is THE DIVINE DESIRE..JSMJE..

By Jean-marie Godefroidt en Mia Devos from Wortegem, Belgium on Sunday 2nd May

Thousand times thanks to Our Mother for opening our eyes and our Sahasrara on this precious day (may 5th), which is also our marriage anniversary.


 With love, Mia & Jean-Marie

By Sahaj yogi from UAE on Tuesday 4th May

Thank you mother for your eternal love

for the re birth with which you have  blessed us

Thank you Maa

By Ronan "Kabir" Hallé from France on Thursday 13th May

Hard to find words  to tell you, Mother, how  grateful we are !

Opening of Sahasrara has transformed my life into a dimension of inner peace and love much above any expectations.

Only one word remains  : Thank You.

By suresh krishnamurthy from dubai, uae on Sunday 16th May

Jai Shri Mataji, Maa, What a great path of clarity we are able to see through the opening of our Sahasrara. Our realisation is so complete that we feel such immaculate joy and we all are so so much indebted and so fortunate to be selected as divine soldiers to carry out the divine work. We promise you again and again that we will work with a focus, dedication and humbleness and reach seekers of truth in this life time of ours. We are always at your Lotus feet executing your divine commands and we promise to live like an example as per your divine teachings. Maa, we seek your blessings for our spiritual growth.

By B.K.Singh from Navi-Mumbai,India on Tuesday 18th May

Jai Shrimataji. I bow to the Holy feet of Our loving Mother with all reverence for the shunshine of truth,love amongst humanity,one universal  religion  shree Mataji has spread on this earth with her untiring effots for mankind to stand on its feet with dignity and uprightness and becoming united with its divine self .Thanks Our Loving mother for giving us another birth and Making Us "Dwija" in true sense.Jai Shrimataji

By Ravi Kumar from Hyderabad, India on Monday 28th June

Jai Shri Mataji

On this auspicious day, You have given meaning to human life by opening doors to Kingdom of God, please bless us with Your compassion to emancipate universe.