Saturday 12th June

Shri Mataji bless the Centrassi School Childrens

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All the children in Centrassi were all excited to hear that their beloved Mother was arriving at meet them on their last day of school. Preparations to receive Our Divine Mother started early in the morning from decorating the rooms, to last practices of songs.

Mother arrived from Genova to find Her children, their parents and teachers & staff to welcome the Divine on the sides of a red carpet that led to the back garden of the school.

The children quickly surrounded Shri Mataji gazing at Her with their love and She looked at everyone. A short aarti was performed followed by the start of today’s ceremony.

Shri Mataji was profoundly thanked by for Her grand vision and how well She achieved the setup of the school in Centrassi and make it functional in the shortest time one can dare imagine.

Soon after followed the Certificate of Attendance to all children as they came in turn to first bow at Mother’s Lotus Feet. Everyone was given books and many other gifts.

So much was the joy in the hearts of all; with which our tiny tots started to sing praises to Mother, including their new “Cabella Cabella” and “Joy Joy” songs. It was a wonderful day for everyone present.

Thank You Shri Mataji for giving Your little Angels a school to grow and become what You have envisioned for them.


By margherita visconti from vigevano,italy on Tuesday 6th July

I want to thank Shri Mataji for taking care of all the children of the Centrassi school including me.

Thanks to all aunties and uncles for helping us throughout the year!!!


With love... from Margherita