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Saturday 29th April

Puja celebration at Chiswick House

NEWS: We are hoping to transmit a live video broadcast of the small Puja scheduled for Sunday evening on the 30th April at the Chiswick house. As always dear Brothers and Sisters, we do not have details of times right now, so please check back here regularly beforehand.

The Puja will celebrate Akshaya Thrithiyai through the worship of our Holy Mother as Shri Mahalakshmi. On this day it is auspicious to begin new ventures, and our good deeds are repaid with blessings from the Goddess. It is celebrated as a time of giving and receiving.

Update: The broadcast ended at 21.57.



By pandit on Saturday 29th April

thank you very much jai shri mataji pandit from france

By TULSIDAS G PANJWANI on Sunday 30th April


By Pushpa Rao on Sunday 30th April

Thank You very much Sri Mathaji for allowing us to worship you in the form of Sri Mahalakshmi. LOng Island, New York, USA

By draupadi on Sunday 30th April

Dear Holy Mother, thank you so much for this great chance to be selected by you, for bearing us all in your loving heart, for your invitation to the Land of Shri Shiva for feeling your compassion every minute of our lifes. With Love from Austria - Draupadi. JAI SHRI MATAJI !!!

By dr manmohan gupta,amritsar india on Sunday 30th April

beloved mother,we heartly bow down to your divine lotus feet once again for giving us mahalakshmi tatva on this auspicious day of Akshaya Thrithiyai . Thankyou very much,for bestowing upon us your king blessings on all of us. with warm and deep love -manmohan gupta -meenakshi -rohit -sakshi jai shri mataji

By Ranjan on Sunday 30th April

Dear respected Mataji I thank you for everything you did for us. I wish you all the best. With regards Yours faithfully R Bhattacheryya

By Kuntall Sood on Sunday 30th April

Shri Mataji I thank you very very much for your Love & for Everything you do for us. I bestows on your holy Lotus Feet for complete surrender. With Best Wishes & Warm Regard Kuntall Sood Faridabad

By Darshana on Sunday 30th April

Dear Mataji On the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, please accept our Sat Sat Pranam at your lotus feet. Let your devine love fragnance the whole universe and be blessed by Shree Adi Shakati rupam! Please forgive us for all we have been ignorently doing with out thy wish and consider always We children at your Lotus feet. Truely yours Darshana

By uday on Sunday 30th April

jai shree mataji, there r no words to express....! just in some corner of our heart is a small feeling that oh!! dear holy mother..plz let us be always at ur lotus feet and just let us have that love..the bhakti which shri hanumana had for shri rama.. ur's son uday...

By Thelma on Sunday 30th April

Dearest Holy Mother Shri Mataji, Thank you for allowing us to worship you as Shri Mahalakshmi on this auspicious day of 'Akshaya Thrithiyai'. May all the sahaja yogis of the world be united as one at your lotus feet through your Divine grace to receive your blessings and darshan so we may spread it to the farthest corners of the earth.. Thank you for 'Everything' Jai Shri Mataji!!!! With all my love Thelma Shanghai China

By Deepak & Eveline Midha on Sunday 30th April

On this most auspicious day of Akshaya Trithiya, we humbly pray to our Divine Mother H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in the form of Shri Mahalakshmi, the Goddess who not only fullfils all our worldly desires but also gives us the highest state of Yoga - Union with Her Lotus Feet. We thank You Shri Mataji for Your unending Blessings, Love and Protection for all the Sahaja Yogis and true seekers of the world. Jai Shri Mataji!

By aparna wagner on Sunday 30th April

Jai shri Mataji i love this web site alot and appretiate all the work that goes in to it.

By Deepak & Eveline Midha on Sunday 30th April

On this most auspicious day of Akshaya Trithiya we thank you Shri Mataji for you unending Blessings, Love and Protection for all the Sahaja Yogis and true seekers of the world. Jai Shri Mataji, Deepak & Eveline from Vienna, Austria

By Marsha J. Wright on Monday 1st May

Jai Shri Mataji! All my blessings and bandhans....I love you all!! From Marsha in Adams, Massachusetts in this beautiful country of the Berkshires.. Love, Marsha

By St. George's house helpers on Monday 1st May

Excellent work and very well done to everyone involved :-)

By Deepika Pandey on Monday 1st May

Dear brothers and sisters, Jai Shri mataji!! Excellent job u have done.I have seen the video of mahalakshmi puja.There was some interruption in audio. We enjoyed the puja.Let this mahalakshami tatve activate within us. Jai shri mataji!!!

By Nicholas on Monday 1st May

Thank you Shri Mother for all the joy. Our hearts have been opened because of you. Your son, Nicholas

By Irish Collective on Monday 1st May

Jai Shri Mataji! What an amazing broadcast! Felt Mothers presence right accross the Irish Sea here in Dublin. Rain clapped all night long and today its bright and Shinning! We are all so looking forward to coming to London next weekend Jai Shri Mataji!

By Denis on Monday 1st May

Dear Shri Mataji! Thank you from our hearts for this puja. Your Divine presence was felt so evidently across the ocean in Chicago. Your son, Denis

By gulshan chawla on Tuesday 2nd May

jai shri mata ji. website telecast of pooja is just like sakshat pooja. our thanks to all the connecting people, whose efforts gives us this previlage to attend pooja live. once again thanks a lot. JAI SHRI MATA JI.

By Dilip jain on Tuesday 2nd May

akshay tritiya ke awsar par hum aapke akshay swasth skshay aayush ki kamna karte hai Appke Bachhe

By neeta on Tuesday 2nd May

jai shree mataji, thank u shree mataji for ur love..and for allowing us to worship this puja...give us power to convey ur message of love to entire world..

By Jyotsana Sharma on Tuesday 2nd May

Mother ,Thank u sooo much for ur love and blessings .Plz. forgive us for our ignorance n help us in becoming what u want us to be.Plz. always guide in spreading Sahaj Yoga . Thank u mother for everything.

By Devendra Thakur on Tuesday 2nd May

Koti Koti Pranaams Shree Mataji at Your Lotus Feet. Thank You very much for Blessing the whole world by this Puja.We Promise by Your Grace, this Process of Transformation of Mankind will be AKSHAIYYA !!!!! Aamin.

By Karoliina Mjengwa on Tuesday 2nd May

Mother, thank you for your blessings! Vibrations are beautiful... Mother, please be allways in my heart and in my mind. Please give us power to spread your work everywhere in the world. Jai Shri Mataji!

By yolanda on Tuesday 2nd May

Gracias Madre Gracias Mataji Gracias una y otra vez por todo lo que nos has dado ! JAI JAI JAI SHRI MATAJI

By Daniel on Wednesday 3rd May

Jai Shri Mataji, I was just reading through the responses to the puja video and I was simply bathed in vibrations! Amazing! This is what the internet and all technology was invented for! To spread our Mother's vibrations and love around the world! See you all in the heart of the universe :) Daniel

By Rajalakshmi on Wednesday 3rd May

Respected Shri Mataji, Thank you for giving us an opportunity to worship at your lotus feet and for 'everything'. I pray that I have an opportunity to meet you in person in the very near future. We are always craving for your blessings. Rajalakshmi

By Brinju on Thursday 4th May

Our Loving Beloved Mother, Thank you for everything you have done for us.Without you in our lives we are nothing. We love you dearly, Jai Shrimataji Collective from: USA,Nepal

By hitanshu pandey on Friday 5th May

jai shri mata ji a very thanks 2 one who has provided the glimpse of shri mata ji.mata ji all the uttranchal sahajyogi loves you dearly. collective from: haldwani,uttranchal,india

By omprakash patil, collective from: Nashik,India on Friday 5th May

JAI SHREE MATAJI !!!!! DEAR BELOVED MOTHER, keep us at your divine lotus feet, give us the strength to spread sahajyoga all over the world, your loving children, ALL NASIK COLLECTIVITY INDIA.

By lucky on Saturday 6th May

Our loving mother plz come in our heart & sahastrara every thinks is under cantrol in your hand give us your love love love love love love love your child

By Prakash on Sunday 7th May

Dear Mataji, Give me and my Brother Mahesh the strength and concentration to pursue sahaja yoga and give us whatever you decide as good for us. With salutes, Prakash and Mahesh Dubai

By Darshana on Sunday 7th May

Param Pujaya Aai, TAV CHARANI MAJA SHAPREM PRANAM SADAR KARAT AAHE!! TAYACHA AAPAN SWEEKAR KARAWA..... AMHALA AAPAN ANATHA CHE SANATH KELAYA BADDAL AAMHI APALE RUNI AAHOT!! Aajya ya Sahastrara Poojachaya deewashi, aaplaya charani aamche sagale sarvashva samarpan karat aahot! Aai aapan amhala tumchaya charani nehmi ch vasu de aani aamchya kadun havi to seva karun ghayavi. Charachar madhe Ji vicharat aahe TI aamchi NIRMAL AAI CHA JAY JAY ASHO!! Sarva arthani tumchich Darshana

By Eddie & Carmen on Sunday 7th May

Jai Shri Mataji Thank You of Your Love - through out in the World to the Unverise ...Ever & Ever Just Like : Sitting in the heart of the Unverise :) Eddie & Carmen :) Hong Kong

By lionel ekwe on Wednesday 10th May

Notre Mère est simplement merveilleuse.

By anil wajage on Friday 12th May


By sharad on Saturday 13th May

u r Being invovled in bond, u retain ur self. Blended in Colours Pond, u r a Matchless self. no word suffice to talk about u. thanx

By R. H. O'Carroll on Saturday 17th June

Sri Mataji once again you have graced us with your Beauty that Shines like no other. Please guide us to shine as a mirror of your Grace. dhanyavad Sri Mataji