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Saturday 6th May

Sahasrara Puja 2006 at Chalfont Scout Camp

Sahaja Yogis from all over the world have arrived to celebrate the opening of the Sahasrara Chakra by the Adi Shakti.

Located in a beautiful country setting just to the West of London, the Chalfont Heights camp has been transformed into a wonderful oasis of peace, joy and spirituality. The weather has been marvellous, with only a few clouds to cool us down, while the facilities and surrounding nature has helped everyone to move slowly into a more meditative mood.

On Friday the kitchens were in full swing, while registrations bubbled along merrily, booking in over 1750 yogis from around the world. In the evening there was an entertainment program, which included a live video link to the house in Chiswick where Shri Mataji is staying, so that the camp could watch a live puja ceremony.

To sit in the Chalfont camp main pendal and participate in the puja as Shri Mataji was projected on the large screen, while Yogis all over the world were tuned into the broadcast through the website, was a collective experience which was a Divine blessing which was far beyond anyone's expectations. The puja was followed by more music and entertainment at Shri Mataji's house and at the Chalfont camp offered to Shri Mataji over the live video link. We sincerely hope this is only the beginning of many such experiences.

Saturday May 6th brought even more Yogis to the camp as the puja preparations continued; programme rehearsals, collective meditations and many other delightful gatherings. A light rain began around lunchtime drawing everyone into the main pendal as the collective attention shifted towards an early start to the evening's cultural entertainment programme. The entire performance of almost eight hours was presented to Shri Mataji and Sir CP live to their home in Chiswick. The vibrations and attention to every detail was tremendous.



By tripathi N N on Tuesday 9th May

JAY SHRI MATAJI Iread deeply the total message and cool vibration during that period . I hope the this type of information sharing is better for all SAHAJI. REGARDS JAY SHRI MATAJI

By shridevi on Wednesday 10th May

Please put the Play of ego & super ego those who have missed it are getting lot of raving fan reports & are waiting. eagerly ... jai shri mata ji

By Anil & Elke from Frankfurt on Saturday 13th May

Thanks a lot for the professional webcast and sending us great vibrations. A spl. BOW to Steve Jones. SY has changed humanbeing to Saints and more. Steve thanks for showing us the mirror (ego) in your Play. I have a complaint, I was unable to show that play to the rest of the world who missed it. We will be more than oblidged if you can put that onto the Viedo side. Steve keep it up and inform us if you are changing your your job to Theater?? YOU ARE a GREAT DEEEEP Yogi belive me lot of love to all Anil & Elke

By Vytas on Thursday 25th May

Jay Shri Mataji ! please, put up that greatest play about ego and super ego! pleaseeeee..... :)

By Steve on Monday 29th May

Dear yogis, many thanks for the kind words regarding the play. Just a note to say that since the play was recorded on different tapes with differing formats it is taking some time to edit together and is the reason why it couldn't be saved to the web cast straight away. However we are re-staging the play on Saturday 3rd of June and Monday 5th of June in a theatre in Vienna and this will be filmed so hopefully we will have something for you soon. Many thanks to our English brothers and sisters for doing such an awesome job in organizing the Sahasrara puja and for all the moral and practical support they provided to all the artists and musicians who performed for our Holy Mother. Jai Shri Mataji! Steve