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Sunday 7th May

Sahasrara Puja

The Puja started at around 22.20 in the main pendal at the Puja Camp in Chalfont. Shri Mataji arrived to be met by the sound of pipes wafting gently on the evening breeze. The puja itself lasted around one and a half hours and was amazing as you can imagine. It was broadcast live and ended at 23.53. We are currently sitting eating Prasad in the heart of the universe, so please forgive us if we cannot write a more complete account right now. A full report will follow soon with photos. Jai Shri Mataji.



By Vidya Suresh on Monday 8th May

Jai shree mataji. Dear sahaji brothers and sisters who have been present at the Saakshat puja, each and everyone of you are lucky and greatly blessed by our one and only dear loving mother to witness this great moment yesterday. My dearest loving mother, my thoughts were all the time with you and was wishing in my heart that i could be there to see you and take your blessings and love. I wish to share a few words i wrote on Sahasrara day with all my sahaji brothers and sisters around the world. Mother, today, as we celebrate the Sahasrara day, A feeling of joy, and enlightenment envelops us Today is the day that evoked a revolution And breakthrough into the world of truth A day that will always be cherished by the seekers of truth The gods rejoiced, in the bliss that this earth has been blessed with your celestial presence and grace; You have blessed all your children with divine powers We feel so thankful to you for this gift which is one of its kind On this special day, we pray in our inner heart and soul To instill in us all the good qualities and To seek nothing but the truth;

By Jasmin Panchal on Monday 8th May

Jai Shri Mataji thank you very much for providing the link on web

By Luton Collective Says on Monday 8th May

What a day, what a day. How does one describe it? We arrived for the puja on the Sunday and immediately as we entered the camp one could feel quite a different atmosphere. One of peace, one that says welcome and relax. Everything was so well organised and flowed so smoothly, it was astonishing. There was the joy of meeting up with old friends and making new ones and not being able to find some due to the sheer number of people but it never felt overwhelming. Then there was the long awaited arrrival of Shi Mataji and the soaring of vibrations. We did puja with much joy and devotion and I for one left all too soon to take the journey home with my heart rejoicing in bakhti. Mother we thank you for the blessings that you bestowed upon us and hope you are pleased with our worship and devotion. We thank you again and again for your gift of self realisation and the tireless work you have done to impart this gift to the human race. Many thanks to all the hardworking sahaja yogis/yoginis whose efforts made this puja such a memorable and successful event. Thank you all very much. Verona Luton Collective Jai Shri Mataji

By tripathi N N on Tuesday 9th May


By Humble Sahaji on Tuesday 9th May

Thank you MOTHER Dearest Holy Mother, We the sahaja yogies of the Vishwa Nirmal Sangha (Universal Pure Collective) would humbly like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this most auspicious and glorious Sahasrara Puja celebrated by your Divine Grace and Permission in the HEART OF THE UNIVERSE. Sri Mataji your children can never stop thanking you for what you have done for all of us, for mankind and for generations to come after us. Your Divine Incarnation has appeared so timely on this Mother Earth, which was definitely heading for complete annihilation under the ignorance and stupidity of the human beings. Today as we stand at the epitome of human evolution and between the 2 great Millenniums - the Millennium of the SON and the coming Millennium of the MOTHER, we humbly offer this prayer with all our love, devotion and surrendering; Thank you Sri Mataji for choosing to descend on this Earth from your abode on Vaikunta to save us your children. Thank you for taking your birth in a human form and thus allowing us to come close to you. Thank you for your patience in understanding about our human nature. Thank you for opening the Sahasrara Chakra of the Virata Thank you for discovering the en-masse self realisation process for humanity. Thank you for considering us worthy for realisation in spite of our mistakes that we had committed in so many life times. Thank you for forgiving us again and again. Thank you for giving us self-realisation - Atma Shakshatkar Thank you for giving us the knowledge of the absolute. Thank you for making us knowledgeable. Thank you for blessing us with divine skills in all fields of life - art, music, literature etc. Thank you for making us satisfied souls free from carving and greed. Thank you for awaking the eternal values in us as prophesied by the Adi Gurus. Thank you for revealing all the Divine Incarnations, Adi Gurus, Realised Souls, Saints and prophets. Thank you for exposing all the false gurus and charlatans who were all ready to lead mankind into hell. Thank you for saving us from all the snares of falsehood. Thank you for unveiling the veil of Maya. Thank you for freeing us from the bondages of misery. Thank you for transforming us from homo sapiens to homo spiritualis Thank you for allowing us to experience our Divine Nature. Thank you for removing the evil tendencies from our mind. Thank you for cleansing us by taking us into your very Divine Body. Thank you for nourishing us. Thank you for working so hard for our spiritual ascent. Thank you for visiting each country, state, region, city, village for spreading Sahaja Yoga. Thank you for choosing to spend your most precious time of eternal life with us. Thank you for giving us such wonderful collectivity of angels - our dearest brothers and sisters. Thank you for forging us into ONE WORLD FAMILY. Thank you for creating such oneness and rapport among us. Thank you for showing the secrets of pulling each others leg to enjoy the mirth of HEAVEN on EARTH. Thank you for bringing HEAVEN on EARTH. Thanking you for making us joyful Thank you for making us laugh and enjoy every moment of our life. Thank you for increasing our sensitivity to subtlety Thank you for making us WISE. Thank you for trusting us Thank you for teaching us how to meditate Thank you for all the divine techniques of Sahaja Yoga you have taught us with such love, care and patience. Thank you for giving us DISCRETION Thank you for establishing our attention in Dhyana Thank you for the YOGA to THY LOTUS FEET. Thank you for allowing us to WORSHIP YOU. Thank you for giving us the deep sense of BHAKTI - DEVOTION Thank you for giving us the - POWER OF LOVE Thank you for making us self-confident in our selves and our powers. Thank you for teaching us to be HUMBLE. Thank you for correcting us. Thank you for guiding us. Thank you for discovering all the Swayambhu’s created by your grace through the Mother Earth. Thank you for allowing us to watch your play - LEELA. Thank you for all the miracles you create in our life, so much so the miracles have become a part of our daily reality further establishing our attention in Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Thank you for giving us VISHWA NIRMALA DHARMA. Thank you for establishing the WORLD COUNCIL FOR ADVANCEMENT OF SAHAJA YOGA to bring your DIVINE MESSAGE to the common man. Thank you for your unending generosity Thank you for giving a NEW meaning to human life. Thank you for the Synthesis of all human faculties. Thank you for sanctifying the earth. Sri Mataji this list still remains incomplete for in reality we are just a speck in the Virata and fail to fully comprehend your magnanimous DIVINE NATURE. Sri Mataji though all our desires are fulfilled, our hearts fully contented by your DIVINE DARSHAN, our life’s completely blessed and blissful, we cannot stop hankering for one last wish in which we fully stand in complete reverence with Sir CP, our dearest Papaji - that you remain with us in this very, most BEUATIFUL, CHARMING, EVER LOVING DIVINE FORM till the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE has been transformed to Sahaja Yogies and become a part of this wonderful DIVINE WORLD FAMILY. JAI SRI MATAJI

By Bernard Rackham on Tuesday 9th May

Just to let you know what an incredible weekend we have just had here in the UK. Ofcourse all is beyond words but to have a puja with Mother here in person again was as you can imagine beyond our wildest dreams. What was really striking was the progress we have made since the last time Mother's Puja was here. The experience of this weekend was summed up by another old brother (John Glover) who lent over as 2500 yogis hit fever pitch in the bhajans just before Mother arrived, and said "Do you realize this is England!!!" So our brothers and sisters through out the world, may we thankyou all for sharing our dear Mother's vision and have helped make it bear fruit.May it long continue to grow in width,height and depth. Jai Sri Mataji! Your brother Bernard.

By Amy Ahluwalia on Thursday 11th May

Dear U.K. Brothers and Sisters, We wanted to thank you for the most beautiful experience ever, but it is so difficult to find the words to express. How can mere words describe? Each and every Sahaja Yogi who has worked so hard and poured so much love into every detail and aspect of this Puja has given us a precious gift for which we cannot give adequate thanks. Your love has propelled us into the Sahasrara to enjoy the Bliss of our Divine Mother. You have truly been Mother's instruments in giving us all the experience of a lifetime. Much much love and thanks. Jai Shri Mataji!

By ANJU CHAWLA on Friday 12th May


By Prathamesh on Friday 12th May

Jai Shree Mataji Internet had been a advantage for Sahajayogis’s in the past and I remember we used to wait for the live broadcast. But the true Potential of the Internet has been explored by Sahajayoga recently. We thank the enthusiastic efforts taken by Sahajayogis to achieve this. Archived Videos and recently High Resolution Photographs is just what we desired for. We now have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of being with Shri Mataji almost everyday. Truly because of these efforts of Sahajayogi’s, the limitations of distance & time have dissolved. Seeing current developments, it won’t be farfetched if we expect Stereo Images (3D Images) in the near future. Please!!! Prathamesh India

By Sergio on Saturday 13th May

Dearest Sahajis of United Kingdom, By this message, I would like to express to all my brothers and sisters of the beautiful and tremendous English collectivity the great joy I felt and how much I was moved by your warm welcome, the cosy arrangements and the high quality of your entertainment. I gave a bandhan, wishing that your musicians would soon be in the Hit Parade as they really deserve it. Their music touched our hearts so deeply. My English isn't rich enough to express all that I felt during this week-end, but be sure that all you have done was appreciated in the depth of my soul. My thanks to all of you for everything. Jai Shri Mataji Sergio

By Ken Williams on Sunday 14th May

Jai Shri Mataji THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING WEBSITE!!! I am sure that I speak for every Sahaja Yogi on Earth in expressing my deepest heartfelt appreciation to the video team, still photographers, writers, and of course the entire website team for these ultra high quality, lovingly prepared media representations that have given the whole world such a warm and intimate share in these wonderful events and celebrations. And for those of us who were fortunate enough to be there, a chance to re-live them. Your dedication is a shining display of love from the Heart of the Universe and we thank you again and again. May I humbly offer one small request? Might it be possible to see the archive video of the play by Steve Jones? I noticed that it was not included in the videos of the Saturday night music programmes. It is a real gem, and I for one would love the chance to see it again. many many thanks Ken

By GULSHAN on Sunday 21st May

Jai shri MATA JI, Yourself bless us vibrations by awakening of kundalini on sahastrara day. MOTHER, Please give your blessings to us. Always make us a part of your universe. MOTHER, please bless us your all the coming poojas live through webcast. Thanking you, gulsha,shiva & anju.

By lynn from belgium on Sunday 21st May

I had the wonderfull opportunity to welcome our mother Shri Mataji together with juva shakti from all over the world when She arrived in a car to join us for the puja. I felt so joyfull! I could have a glimpse of her beautiful face from quite close. Shri Mataji may look old to some people, but to me see looks beautiful all the time. It was a great experience to me and I thank Shri Mataji and all the organisers who make it possible for yogi's to enjoy each other and mothers love in such a sweet way! jay Shri Mataji

By Venkatesh on Tuesday 23rd May

I was one of the fortunate yogis to be in Chalfont UK during Sahasrar Puja and being my first pooja it was an amazing experience, I am a new Sahaja Yogi from India Currently in Dubai I have never seen such a dedication from our brothers and sisters of the West, I really felt that I was not that dedicated like them, I had a great chance to go in front of our mother and that was the greatest moment in my life, I was not able to believe that I was on the stage in front of our divine mother and I became spell bound. I was fascinated by the way our yogis sang and played sitar,piano wow it was amazing, and I only desire that mother will bless me to be there in every puja conducted wherever in the world

By Trisha Pearce on Monday 7th August

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the UK, I would like to express my most sincere appreciation in all the efforts you put forth in making this puja extremely special. The joy of coming to England for Sahasrara puja was the most amazing experience in the pure heart of this magnificent universe. The vibrations were truly beyond words and the heart bubbling with joy and absolute bliss. Thank you once again for having such BIG hearts and welcoming us into your land of such great saints!