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Sunday 23rd April

St George's Day

The 23rd of April is a special day in the UK calendar. On this day William Shakespeare was born (23 April 1564) and England celebrates also St George, the country's patron saint. We in Sahaja Yoga also know this day to be very auspicious as St George is known to be the incarnation of Shri Bhairava, and so it was with great joy that we learned we were to be allowed to celebrate this day with our Holy Mother here in the heart of the universe.

The occasion was held in the room now affectionately known as the 'Blue Room' in the Chiswick house, during which various offerings were made to Shri Mataji representing these different personalities and their connection to the UK. The ceremony was very moving and incredibly deep on so many different levels. The silence, the love and respect and the powerful, sacred presence sitting before us, provided a sense of majesty that can only be experienced and not described. To taste a little of the atmosphere please visit the Video section of this website to see an unedited video recording of this wonderful event.



By Deepika Pandey on Monday 24th April

Gr8 to hear abt the devine queen's U.K arrival.I am delighted to send my comments.Jai Shri Mataji !!!

By Lene Jeffrey on Monday 24th April

Jai Shri Mataji! Dear beloved Sahaj Yogis of the UK, After having a continuous showering of immeasurable blessings and vibrations upon us for 3 whole months, we have of course eagerly been awaiting the next chapter!...our joy has had no time to fade (not that it ever will) because of your immediate response and the speed with which you are sharing these historical events with all of us- it again so strongly re-affirms what we already know- that She is forever with us! And that we are one huge beautiful family, as our dearest Sir CP has so often said, and we have felt so strongly in recent months. Keep up the great work! It is very joyful here at the "receiving" end, and to feel again so close to Her, and to our dearest Sir CP, and to all of you. With all our love Lene Jeffrey and family

By Deepika Pandey on Monday 24th April

kindly published details abt St George's Day

By Ioana Popa, Canada on Tuesday 25th April

Dear UK Family, It happened to be so lucky and watched the movie about St George's Day .. right then ..probably soon after "it happened" (I know it was about 3:30 AM -London time when we finished watching the movie).. Why so many details .. because that evening at home I was saying to my small family that I feel incredible vibrations (few hrs before I've watched the movie) and not "because of me", actually it was a terribly hectic day .. so I've felt like blessed with these vibrations coming upon me from "nowhere"... And while watching the movie, I couldn't stop acknowledging the beautiful and glorious glowing face of Shri Mataji.. She was so shinny and beautiful and how to say it, so joyous and alert... the vibrations were strong and beautiful... nothing counted for me but Her face that we love so much and all Her beauty was there and "shinning like a thousand Suns" .. sometimes the big words really help in describing the big feelings... And glimpses of Shri Ganesha seem to be reflected in Her expressions.. can't describe it properly of course.. I felt so very very joyful, beyond this poor words.. and by the end of the video I felt clearly what "place" in me/ "where" the coolness was total and becoming itself a source of fresh and happy vibrations: the heart. However I plan to watch the movie with my whole family again this week .. and I can't wait for this.. :-)) Thank you!! Please keep us all "there" with you by posting soon updates with photos, stories and videos. We all love Shri Mataji so so much and seeing Her "there" it's like feeling Her presence "here" in us and with each of us while we're also with Her and you "there"... Jai Shri Mataji again and again!!! Yours, Ioana

By Pankaj on Tuesday 25th April

Jai shri mataji, Plz

By teodora anghelina-romania on Tuesday 25th April

Thank you from the heart for this joy, to see and feel the presence of God , vibratory and phisically , in the heart of the Univers,England. Jay, Shri Mataji !

By vaibhav on Tuesday 25th April

Great to see live programs , photos,video. Really modern technology is mothers blessings. Thanks to Uk collective for their effords to keep us updated and giving us opportunity to share and feel the joy of divine. love from nabhi vaibhav (Greece)

By St George's house on Tuesday 25th April

Dear Powell, Locke and Payment We the Chiswick house helpers,want to say a big WE LOVE YOU :-)*** Keep up the good work

By Thelma on Sunday 30th April

My Dearest brothers and sisters of the UK, I just want to say a HUGE 'Thank you' for keeping the connection with the amazing video and photographs of Our Mother and dear Sir CP, it really is such a blessing to be able to see what we feel.. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts in making our Mother's and Sir CP's stay so comfortable. Ever since you all received Our Mother in The heart, We have been feeling the depth, the silence, the love and deep affection that you all have for Our Mother and such a connection of sharing with you all.....within myself the vibrations in my heart. It is such a blessing to be a part of this Universal family.. Thanks again!!! Keep up the good work!! Jai Shri Mataji! Thelma Shanghai, China

By R VENKATESWARAN on Friday 5th May

Jai Shri Mataji, I have got solace from the close up photo of Shri Mataji and we can't express different feelings we receive by having a darshan at it. Our worries melt away by simply having a look at the divine figure. Thanks a lot and looking forward for more such darshans. Yours brotherly R Venkateswaran, India