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Thursday 25th October

Shri Mataji & Sir C.P. leave Australia on Thursday October 25, 2007

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Dear Sahaj Collective,

After six glorious weeks, the time came for the Australian Sahaj family to farewell their Beloved Mother. On Thursday October 25 2007, Shri Mataji and most Respected Sir C.P. departed Sydney for a stay in Singapore en route to Mumbai.

The Sahaj family gathered at Sydney Airport to take Darshan for one last time and to offer their heartfelt gratitude to Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. for all the blessings, attention and gifts bestowed on the children of Australia during the Visit.

During Shri Mataji’s visit, Yogis had the opportunity to perform several Pujas at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji which included Ganesha Puja and the Nine Nights of Navaratri Puja.

On three occasions, during the Navaratri period, Shri Mataji blessed us with lectures on various subjects such as the Swadisthana chakra, the negative influence of alcohol and the importance of marriage.

Videos of these lectures are available on this site.

2nd Night of Navaratri - October 13, 2007 (Video length 36 mins)
Topic: Shri Mataji spoke at length about the problems associated with alcohol, both in relation to society, its effects upon people and the dangers it poses to the family.

6th Night of Navaratri - October 17, 2007 (Video length 124 mins)
Topic: The Swadishthan chakra. Shri Mataji said, this is a very important chakra as this controls our thoughts. The Western Countries think too much and it is  an attack upon the silence within. Shri Mataji said that silence, free of thoughts was the state to be  achieved, that we have to be in the silence.

Dussera Celebration - October 21, 2007 (Video length 75 mins)
Topic: The importance of Marriage.

Jai Shri Mataji

With all our love and best wishes,
Your Brothers and Sisters in Australia


Australian websites of interest...


Sunday 21st October

Dassera Celebration.

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Tonight was the Dassera celebrations. It is the time when Shri Rama kills Ravanna. Shri Mataji gave an amazing talk about Dassera. It was a most joyous celebration. All the Sahaja Yogis faces were beaming and overflowing with happiness.

A video of this event, which includes Shri Mataji's talk, is now available with the story (length  75 minutes)

Sunday 21st October

Shopping for Jewellery

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Shri Mataji blessed Sydney with a shopping trip this afternoon. She went to three jewellery stores in the centre of Sydney. Shri Mataji and Sir CP looked at pearl necklaces and earrings and also at gold bangles. It was a very joyous time and even the shopkeepers seemed to enjoy themselves very much. In the last shop the assistant received her self-realisation directly from Shri Mataji. She was an open and friendly lady and treated Shri Mataji very respectfully frequently calling Her Mama.
Saturday 20th October

Navaratri - 9th Night

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Tonight, we had the great blessing of doing Puja to Shri Mataji on the ninth night of Navaratri.

The Puja was held in the local Strathfield school hall. Shri Mataji arrived and offerings of gifts, flowers and artworks were presented. After these offerings, Shri Mataji and Sir CP returned to Burwood. On arriving, Shri Mataji asked to see some of the gifts that had been offered. She was shown many things and made comments on the items.

Such is the love a Mother has for all of us that for nine consecutive nights She has allowed us to worship Her in the form of the Devi and as of days of old, She has secured the spiritual salvation of Her Bhaktas through unending blessings.

We Her children humbly thank Her for all that She gives us, for allowing us to worship Her and for continually being there for us. Even at times when the demands appear to be too much, Shri Mataji allowed us to worship Her in Her physical form. Each of the nine nights has been like taking one step higher to a spiritual realm that we had not been to before. Now that we are coming to the end, we are enjoying a clarity of being and Sahaj understanding that we will never forget.

Tomorrow evening we look forward to Dassera celebrations when Rama destroyed the evil forces.

Shri Mataji, all Your children thank You very much.

Saturday 20th October

Latest Videos

The following videos are now available on this website...

Jai Shri Mataji

Friday 19th October

Navaratri - 8th Night

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The gathered yogis at Burwood ashram were once again blessed to do Puja to our Divine Mother.

Afterwards, we offered flowers, prasad and gifts at Her Lotus Feet.

Jai shri Mataji!

Thursday 18th October

Navaratri - 7th Night

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Today we had the great blessing of having a Puja to Shri Mataji in Her Nirikara form. Shri Mataji was only a few metres away in a room across the hall.

The vibrations were tremendous and intensified as the Puja progressed. The Puja was performed silently, with no music and mantras, totally without form except for readings from sacred texts in Sanskrit and English. This was to ensure Shri Mataji’s enjoyment of the silent tranquility of the house.


There were over a hundred and fifty people gathered in the meditation room and adjoining courtyard and a similar amount watching via the internet around the world.


The depth of silence achieved at Sahasrara at the conclusion of the Puja was such that no yogi wanted it to end. It is the timeless meditations enjoyed at times such as this that provide the inspiration so much a part of Sahaja yoga and the cause of our further seeking for greater depth in the connection with our Mother. 


We all left the room with our Mother in our heart.


 Mother’s Divine Lotus Feet  


Your Divine Feet are silent
They are still
They are soft, gracious and very young
Their colour is light pink
They are called   
“Mother’s Divine Lotus Feet”

From Your Feet
Silent and Still
Your Divine Vibrations flow 

From Your Feet
Silent and still
The Divine Work is done 

From Your Feet
The Light of God comes to the World,
The Nectar of Our Father’s Love
Flows to every cell in Our Hearts


Wednesday 17th October

Sri Mataji and Sir CP go shopping for China.

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Sri Mataji blessed us with another shopping trip today. She purchased large amounts of china and crockery including many dinner sets. The store manager also got her realisation directly from Sri Mataji. Sri Mataji asked her if she had been searching and the lady said yes, for a long time. The store manager was very moved and told Sri Mataji that it had been an honour to have had Her in the store. The trip lasted over two hours and the mood was very blissful and joyous.
Wednesday 17th October

Navaratri - 6th Night (includes video of Talk)

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Tonight was the sixth night of Navaratri and each night we seem to take a step closer to Heaven. Yet we are already in Heaven so we are going higher and deeper within that sacred place to a realm only Our Mother knows.  Shri Mataji was with us for three hours and spoke to us for most of that time. Shri Mataji initially commented about the small size of the meditation hall for all the people attending, and the need to find a bigger Hall. We explained that there was a Sahaja Hall at Balmoral at our country property which was much larger but further away and for Her comfort we did not wish to ask Her to drive too far for our sake. Shri Mataji replied that when it came to attending a Sahaja program She had always traveled to attend, this was never an issue for Her. She recalled the early days in Maharashtra when She used to ride for miles on a bullock cart to spread Sahaja Yoga and She had never been troubled.

She said that we should also be committed to attending our programs, this was very important for all Yogis, we cannot be settled if we come and go, this was not proper we all regularly attend Sahaja programs. Shri Mataji spoke at length about the problems associated with alcohol, both in relation to society, its effects upon people and the dangers it poses to the family. Shri Mataji said Yogis should take a stand against alcohol consumption within the family. It was a night when Holy Puja was held, when the auspicious offerings were made, when the faces of all Yogis beamed with the reflected love of Our Mother.

Of Our Mother we ask that may She enjoy good health always, which is the earnest wish of all Yogis. Shri Mataji has built a ladder to the stars, and every Yogi has climbed upon every rung. Shri Mataji we see the Divine lights surrounding you which  has shown us how to be righteous, and how to grow up to be true, and to always know the truth, and to always be courageous, to stand upright, and be strong,
Shri Mataji we ask that we may take up Your work and to bless us that may our hands always be busy, may our feet always be swift, may our heart always be joyful,
and may we always sing Your praises, and may You always be our strong foundation
when the winds of changes shift.


Today's webcast has now finished. A video of Shri Mataji's talk tonight will be available here shortly.

Next webcast from Burwood will be Thursday evening Oct 18 (Sydney time). Please check this site closer to the time

Jai Shri Mataji


Tuesday 16th October

Navaratri - 5th Night

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(Tuesday Oct 16)
A brief but powerful Puja was performed to the Goddess tonight. Puja was concluded around 7.40pm.

After the Puja, Shri Mataji sent the message that we should pray...

"Please destroy any negativities within us"

Monday 15th October

Navaratri - 4th Night

Sunday 14th October

Navaratri - 3rd Night

Saturday 13th October

Navaratri - 2nd Night. Shopping day and Talk

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(Photos 1 and Video are from the Navaratri evening talk. Photos 2 are from the Shopping day)

It has been a day which in words is hard to describe such has been the level of joy felt to be in Shri Mataji's presence and to see Her speak, laugh, smile throughout the day to be allowed to be in Her Divine presence while She bestows so much of Her love and blessings to the world.

During the morning Shri Mataji asked to go shopping and a quite extended party of attending Yogis in a procession of vehicles arrived at an Asian store specialising in Rosewood furniture. Shri Mataji observed that the store owner might feel that Shri Mataji maybe a movie star as there were so many people who had arrived with Her which may undermine the bargaining. Shri Mataji and Sir CP toured the shop a number of times discussing the items making comments to the Yogis and barginning with the shopkeeper. Many items were purchased and set aside as Shri Mataji shopped through the day.

Upon leaving the shop Shri Mataji commented that despite making many purchases the shopkeeper had not offered even a cup of tea. In India not only would She be offered tea but an entire meal would be provided.

Shri Mataji then returned to Burwood and preparations began for the second night of Navartri.

Shri Mataji and Sir CP came into the main meditation room to find representative Yogis from the hosting countries England, South Africa, Ukraine, Greece and Israel. Songs of welcome were sung and a thrill rang through the assembly as Shri Mataji asked for the microphone. Shri Mataji in clear and happy voice  addressed the audience. Shri Mataji said how happy She was to see all the Yogis present.

She said this was the second night of Navartri which is very important for us all. Shri Mataji asked the Yogis which was the second chakra to which we responded the Swadishthan chakra "Correct" She said, this is a very important chakra as this controls our thoughts. The Western Countries think too much and it is  an attack upon the silence within. Shri Mataji said that silence, free of thoughts was the state to be  achieved, that we have to be in the silence, but this we found difficult in the west. Shri Mataji went on to say that many of the health problems arise from problems with the Swadishthan, you ride the Swadishthan do not let the Swadishthan ride you and the main point be in silence, enjoy and  do not think.

Following the Puja discourse the auspicious offering were made, gifts presented, the flowers of many nations were offered from Yogis  representing the four corners of the world. It was such a time of joy and happiness with all Yogis present feeling extremely humble to be allowed to be present to hear the Goddess once more address the world.

Friday 12th October

Navaratri - 1st Night

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Tonight (Oct 12), yogis from around the world gathered at Burwood Ashram in Sydney to worhship our Divine Mother for the first night of Navaratri celebrations. 
Thursday 11th October

Navaratri program and Webcasts

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Jai Shri Mataji

To our dear Brothers and Sisters from all over the world,

By Shri Mataji’s grace, all the arrangements for the forthcoming Navaratri Puja and Celebrations are proceeding well. We look forward to meeting everyone in Sydney who will be joining us for these most auspicious events.


For those of you who are unable to be here, we would like to share the events with you through regular webcasts.  Below is the webcast program for the coming two weeks…

Friday evening, Oct 12
Start of the Nine nights of Navaratri. Puja to our Divine Mother, Burwood ashram.
Hosts: New Zealand and South Australia.
Friday late evening, Oct 12
Music and entertainment program from Balmoral weekend seminar camp.
Saturday (approx 8pm), Oct 13
2nd night of Navaratri, Puja to our Divine Mother, Burwood ashram.
Hosts: the Navaratri Puja Hosting countries.
Saturday (approx 7pm), Oct 13
Music program from Balmoral weekend seminar camp.
Sunday 7pm, Oct 14
Navaratri Puja from Homebush Bay.
• Monday 7pm, Oct 15
4th Night , Puja to our Divine Mother, Burwood ashram.
• Tuesday evening, Oct 16
5th Night , Puja to our Divine Mother, Burwood ashram.
• Wednesday evening, Oct 17
6th Night, Puja to our Divine Mother, Burwood ashram.
• Thursday evening, Oct 18
7th Night, Puja to our Divine Mother, Burwood ashram.
• Friday evening, Oct 19
8th Night , Puja to our Divine Mother, Burwood ashram.
• Rest of program, to be confirmed.
• Saturday evening, Oct 20
9th Night , Puja to our Divine Mother
• Sunday evening, Oct 21
Dasara Celebrations &  Puja to our Divine Mother
(This day marks the triumph of Lord Rama over Demon king Ravana. On this day, Rama killed Ravana.)

(All the above are Sydney time.) 

To ensure the comfort of Our Mother, we request only Yogis from the Hosting groups come to Burwood on their designated evening.

The webcast links and news about the above program will be pubhished on the website. Please check here for regular updates.

With all our love,
The Puja Hosting countries

Saturday 22nd September

Webcast of Children’s party from Burwood ashram

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(Webcast ended at 5.30pm)
Sadhana Didi will be hosting a children’s party at Burwood ashram on Sunday Sept 23. A webcast of this event is scheduled to commence at around 11.00am, Sydney time. 

Sydney: Sun 11.00am
Mumbai: Sun 6.30am
London: Sun 2.00am
New York: Sat 9.00pm

Current Sydney Time » 

About the webcasts
To minimise the load on the webcast streaming server, please view webcasts in collective gatherings. Less connections to the server will result in a clearer video for everyone.

Saturday 22nd September

Uluru Awakenings!

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About 90 Sahaja Yogis from 24 different countries pay homage to Australia’s iconic heartland... Uluru (Ayers Rock), the abode of Shri Ganesha. 

Having lost my watch right upon arrival at Uluru -- it vanished just after I had adjusted it to central Australia’s local time--, I knew from the outset that I was in for an

Sunday 16th September

Shri Ganesha Puja 2007

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Sunday Sept 16, Sydney

Following Shri Matajl’s first visit to Ganesha’s land, Australia, some 26 years ago, the historic and significant Shri Ganesha Puja was celebrated in Homebush, Sydney on September 16th 2007.

All the yogis attending were already in a state of great bliss from having attended the Sahaja marriages the previous evening and they settled into the Puja venue relaxing and enjoying bajhans.

Sunday 16th September

Shri Ganesha Puja

Shri Ganesha Puja from Sydney Sunday Sept 16.

Webcast has now ended. The Video of this event will soon be available on this site. It will be announced via SWAN (Click here if you need to subscribe to SWAN).  

Jai Shri Mataji! 

Saturday 15th September

Shri Ganesha showers Blessings on Sahaja Marriages

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Saturday Sept 15, Sydney 

Following numerous sessions over many weeks, Shri Mataji personally, carefully selected those to be blessed on the most auspicious occasion of their Sahaja marriages in Ganesha's land, in Her presence.

The day's celebrations began with the haldi ceremony with everyone having lots of fun, and

Friday 14th September

The Children Come Together

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On Friday Sept 14, hundreds of yogis from around the world arrived and settled in for the first 'official' night at the Balmoral country property in New South Wales to celebrate Shri Ganesha Puja, 2007.

The property is located around an hour and a half drive south of Sydney and has recently undergone a number of improvements and additions to make it more comfortable for attending yogis.

Thursday 13th September

Webcast of Shri Ganesha Puja weekend

Over the coming weekend, we will endeavour to share these joyous events of the Marriages and Shri Ganseha Puja with all of you through live webcasts and photos. Please check this site for regualr updates.

Below is the tentative weekend program, which is subject to change by the Divine guidance of Shri Mataji. (All times are Sydney times)

Friday, Sept 14
8.00pm: Music program (Webcast finished)
Followed by Mehndi Ceremony on the stage (Brides)  (This Webcast is finished)

Saturday, Sept 15
10.00am - 12 noon:  Haldi Ceremony (Bride and Grooms at Balmoral camp)
4.30pm: Grooms arrive Burwood ashram for marriage Ganesha Puja
5.45pm: Brides arrive Burwood ashram for Gauri Puja
Evening: Marriages (Mangalashtak Start) at Homebush venue (Howie Pavilion) - (This Webcast is finished)

Sunday, Sept 16
Evening: Shri Ganesha Puja at Homebush venue (Howie Pavilion) - (Webcast finished)

Best wishes, the Hosting Countries

Tuesday 11th September

Shri Mataji Arrives in Australia

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Jai Shri Mataji !
On Tuesday 11 September, Shri Mataji arrived in Australia with Her husband, Sir CP Srivastava, and their family. They will be in Sydney for an extended stay.

All the Sahaja Yogis welcome Shri Mataji and Her family, and wish them a very enjoyable stay. We are very grateful that Shri Mataji has decided to come to visit our country again.  Yogis from all over the world are arriving to join in the many joyous Marriage and Puja celebrations that have been arranged.