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Tuesday 24th April

A few hours with Mother

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    It is yet another wonderful day here in Cabella. This morning the austrian yoginis presented Mother with flowers and a lovely colorful saree. Mother seemed very pleased and yogis in the room had the privilege of hearing Mother speak at great lengths.

On 3 occasions Mother started talking about the Italian yogis. "Italians are very good, simple hearted and deep yogis. They should be assisted"

Mother started explaining the meaning of Cabella. Cabella means Casa Bella - beautiful home, Palazzo Doria. And that is why the whole village is called Cabella. She said the italians helped a lot in renovating the Castle.

She gave us all Her blessings. Everyone left the room with smiles on their faces, in a mix state of peaceful contentment and excitement.

Just a few hours later Mother, along with Sir CP and Sadhana didi went on an outing. As Her car drove through the piazza in Cabella, Mother waved at yogis present. Mother talked about the beauty of Italian Art through the journey. On Her way back to th castle Mother greeted the yogis awaiting Her Darshan. She smiling and most lovingly said "You all are here to see Me? Thank you very much". Everyone is in a state of utter awe of the Adi Shakti who has blessed us with so much love today.



By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam State of N.Eastern Region, India on Tuesday 24th April

Jai Shri Mataji !

It is a pleasant surprise to see the beautiful and vibration emitting holy feet of our Shri Mataji and Her compliments given to our Cabella bretherns. Dear Mother please bless your children from the land of Italy .

Jai Shri Mataji

By Lia Harrison from Perth, Western Australia on Tuesday 24th April

Jai Shri Mataji

Dear Universal brothers and sister - it is with a heart filled with joy that I receive, read and feel our Mothers imense love and vibrations. I just arrived home from our collective meditation in Subiaco, Western Australia and thought to look at the sahaja yoga emails and was greeted with the joyful news of our Divine Mothers arrival in Cabella... Swagata...swagata...

A child's heart overflowing with love

By Shridevi from New Delhi on Tuesday 24th April

Your speed to update the site matches the speed and eagerness of any yogi in the world to update us about the great news ! ...

 I feel so peaceful, eyes are wet now ! ..and the feet of my mother looks as if she is steeping out of the monitor of my system to get into my heart ! ...

 Thank you for shraring this immense joy ! ...we are as joyous as you are! ...


Lots of love


By Chicago Collective from USA on Wednesday 25th April

Dearest Mother

Its blissful to see your smile and coming out in the sun ! We your children are like the rose in your hand which you so fondly hold and take care of. Like a rose, we have fragrance of your love and may it work out so that wherever we go, we always spread the same.

Shri Mataji please bless us that as Sahajayogis we always bring joy in the lives of others, by introducing them to SahajaYoga, just like a rose which always lives to bring fragrance for others !!

With all our love and respect

You Children at Chicago Collective  

By Shashidhar Rao from Bangalore, India on Wednesday 25th April

Please keep up the good work! I feel that I am present there, at Cabella. This is the best reason why we have technology...

By Manu Deep from New Delhi,India on Wednesday 25th April

Its nice to see and read latest news from Italy.Photographs of ShriMataji are emitting vibrations and gives inner peace and joy.

i wish to appreciate efforts of  team behind who are so quick in updating the information.It seems as if we are presnet there only.


Manu deep

By Fran├žoise Depelteau from Montreal, Quebec on Wednesday 25th April

This morning we receive a great Darshan from you, brothers and sisters who bring us our Mother's photo album with your comments.  Thank you for sharing this with us.

Jai Shri Mataji! 

By radha from hk on Wednesday 25th April

Petals around
swirling all as tornado
Golden Feet you have
to refresh the Soil
and walk through the ether
to come to our side
and clean all the fatigue away.
Roses with basil
saffron and sandal
The world smells the truth
of real Aroma, real "Amor"
to come back to your essence
and love our honey within
to fly towards the pure Joy
and swim now through the Blue ocean.

Jai Shri Mataji!

we love you Mother from within!

By sandeepa from on Monday 14th May

Jai Shree Mataji, Thank you divine mother for blessing all of us with your love and affection. Thanks to all of you who've worked on this site, We can feel as if we are at Cabella and can feel the vibrations of  our mother's  blessings. May Our mother bless all of us like this always.