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Friday 7th September

Goodbye Shri Mataji...

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Once again this year we had the opportunity to say goodbye to Shri Mataji in Cabella thanking Her for all the blessings, while on Her way to Dubai and then Australia.

Tuesday 21st August

Shri Mataji on Her Surprise Excursion

This morning Cabella saw rains and clouds that covered the skies. We were all surprised when we Shri Mataji came to Her living room and had the main entrance door wide open to the gentle breeze. To further our surprise Mother decided to come out on the bridge.

Friday 17th August

Home sweet home

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At 12.54am Shri Mataji landed in Milan. There were few yogis and yuvas eagerly awaiting to receive Shri Mataji.

Thursday 9th August

Farewell Dearest Shri Mataji

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Today Shri Mataji left Palazzo Doria for Australia via Dubai where eager Yogi await Her arrival in a few days. People from different parts of Europe gathered to salute Mother and present flowers on the occasion.

Sunday 5th August

Krishna Puja

Saturday 4th August

Krishna Puja - Saturday Evening Program and Mother Speech

Tuesday 31st July

An offering and invitation of the prayer by the Yuva Shakti

Today the Yuva Shakti gathered in the castle waiting for the opportunity to present Shri Mataji with their invitation and a prayer to the International Yuva Shakti seminar in Cabella 2007.

Sunday 29th July

Guru Puja

Friday 27th July

Guru Puja - Friday Evening Program in the Castle

Saturday 21st July

Shri Mataji at the Pizzeria

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This evening Shri Mataji left Palazzo Doria along with Sir CP for a short road trip which finally saw its way to a pizzeria when Mother spontaneously decided to enjoy the delightful Italian cuisine. 

Sunday 15th July

Celebrating with the Divine

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For those who dream of celebrating their birthday with the Divine, it has come true for Dr. Sanjeev Bandi from Australia.

Wednesday 11th July

Shri Mataji receives doctors and nurses

Shri Mataji received newly arrived doctors and nurses from Australia in Her room along with Sir CP. Shri Mataji was radiant and smiling heartily at each one present in the room.


They presented Mother with a statue of 4 dolphins riding the waves of the ocean and a eau d'parfum made in Australia. Flowers were also given to Mother, who took them and smelt them exclaiming there was no scent. She explained that fragrance comes into flowers from the soil in which they are grown. She mentioned that in India the flowers have fragrance as the land is sacred.

 After a few more moments with Mother they all left the room completely blissed.

Sunday 8th July

Anniversary of the World Foundation

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Today, Shri Mataji received members of the Sahaj World Foundation that offered Her flowers on the occasion of its first anniversary.

Saturday 7th July

Shri Mataji visits Daglio

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Today was an historical day for Daglio and for all the people who love this heavenly place. Shri Mataji, once again, blessed Her house in Daglio with Her Divine presence.
Sunday 24th June

Shri Mataji receiving Lakshmi Baskets before the Puja

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We want to share another beautiful experience we had with Our Mother in Cabella; 

Just before Shri Mataji has left the Castle to drive to the Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Mother,  by Her grace has received about 40 Ladies of the hosting countries in Her livingroom, who have brought the traditional Lakshmi - baskets from their homecountries.

Sunday 24th June

Adi Shakti Puja

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The air was still, vibrations were flowing, the Temple was full of serenity, then... Shri Adi Shakti asked for the microphone, and joy erupted in everybody's heart. Listen to the Supreme Message of Love.

Tuesday 19th June

Russian Gift and Italian Photo Album for Shri Mataji

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Once again Shri Mataji blessed us! In the evening a bouquet of flowers was offered from Russia, which Mother appreciated very much.
There was also a traditional russian gift, which made Shri Mataji curious about it and seemingly happy.

Saturday 16th June

An unforgettable Birthday for our Brothers & Blessings for Realisation - Projects

It was the birthday of two Sahaja Yogis today and Shri
Mataji, by Her grace, made it an especially blissful
day for them.  
Friday 15th June

Miracle picture showing Shri Mataji as Christ

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Some time ago Shri Mataji accepted a miracle picture, taken on 12th of May while shopping in Serravalle, as a present.

Friday 15th June

"Sahaja Yogis are pure"

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Today, while receiving some beautiful flowers Shri Mataji once again bestowed upon us Her blessings and Divine attention making loving comments about all the yogis, and Italian people.

Sunday 10th June

Small Reception by Shri Mataji

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On Sunday Shri Mataji received a few of Her children in Her livingroom, one of them our photographer with his child, presenting an album of photos taken of Shri Mataji and Her family during Her stay in Cabella 2007. 
Sunday 10th June

First Italian National Seminar for Newcomers

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Last weekend, on the 9th and 10th of June, the first  Italian National Seminar for new Sahaja Yogis took place in Nirmal Nagar (Sahaj Temple in Albera Ligure)

In the seminar more than 200 people participated. 130 of them were "new" Sahaja Yogis, coming from all over Italy (north and south) for the weekend.

Thursday 7th June

The Joy of Being one Family: A few Days with Kalpana Didi

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The whole day was embedded in an undescribably huge amount of love, which did not only find it´s expression in presents and a cake prepared for Kalpana Didis´ farewell, who has been giving us so much love and joy over the last four days;
Monday 4th June

Cooking with Love

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Today our sister Kalpana cooked a delicious meal for her family. One might think that means that she cooked for her Mother and her father, but to everybody´s surprise the oven in the "downstairs kitchen", usually used for cooking for the Yogis in the Castle stayed cold,

Sunday 3rd June

French Mother´s Day in an Italian Castle

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On the occasion of french Mothersday Yogis from France were, by Shri Mataji´s Grace, able to offer their presents to Our Holy Mother, and so were Austrians, Americans, Slovenians and Swiss.

Saturday 2nd June

Pizza on Italian National Day

Shri Mataji´s cooking team usually prepares a variety of Indian Dishes for Shri Mataji, still sometimes offering small portions of international food.
Monday 28th May

„You can save them“: Yuva Shakti received by Shri Mataji on Pentecost

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Swiss Yuvas, who had come to Cabella just for the weekend, were about to leave Italy again, when they got an opportunity to give the beautiful red and white bouquet of flowers, they had brought in behalf of the Yuva Shakti, to Shri Mataji personally. All the Yuvas present in the Castle were invited to join in.

Saturday 26th May

Jasmin from Shri Mataji to Her children

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After a very tranquil Saturday in Palazzo Doria with some brothers and sisters from the area coming to visit we gathered in the meditationroom for everyday - eveningmeditation, and after that spontaneously started singing bhajans.

Thursday 24th May

Looking at Cabella's pictures 1994 - Mother´s power of Transformation

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Once again today in Cabella our Beloved Mother has graciously bestowed upon us Her Divine Blessings. In the afternoon She asked us to see pictures of the Castle at the time She bought it.

Sunday 20th May

Shri Mataji and the Valley of Cabella Ligure

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"It's truly Heaven!"

These were repeatedly Shri Mataji's words on the way back to Cabella after an outing in what looked truly a beautiful summer day...

We compiled a ten minute video, including shots from the valley and the castle, so you all can share, what Shri Mataji might have perceived that day.

Sunday 20th May

Chocolates for my Mother

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Today little Rose turnt four years old. She did not only share her overdimensional mermaid-shaped cake with about 40 Yogis at her Birthdayparty in the Gardens of the Castle
Saturday 19th May

Sunshine in our Hearts - 108 Pictures

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Please - finally - enjoy 108 pictures of our divine Mother´s Shopping in Serravalle, Italy.

On Sunday 19th of May our Holy Mother has again blessed us with sharing a Shoppingtour to Serravalle with the Yogis and Yoginis of the world.
Sunday 13th May

Mother is Love

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Mother´s Day in Cabella was truly a day in heaven on earth. It started with a cleansing fire, a Havan, offered to Shri Mataji, which seemed to have taken away all obstacles against collectivity, as what followed was a day of absolute Oneness with each other and Our Holy Mother. 

Sunday 13th May

The Joy of Anticipation - awaiting Shri Mataji on Mother´s Day

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Heavenly atmosphere established itself, as we were waiting to see Shri Mataji on the occasion of Mother´s Day...
Saturday 12th May

A viewy Shoppingtour with Our Mother

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This Joyous Day was marked with Shri Mataji’s and Sir C.P.´s visit to Serravalle Scrivia to the Outlet stores.
The ride through the lush green of the Valley Borbera, truly showed the mother nature to be basked in the golden light of the dusk.
Tuesday 8th May

Italian Mother´s day in the Castle

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The 8th May is Mother´s Day in Italy.  Thus, after a wonderful Sahasrara Puja, another magical occasion presented itself to greet and express our love and gratitude to our dearest Mother.
Our hearts were touched by the sweetness of some small children, aged between two and three, who offered flowers to Mother and spontaneously broke into a Ganesha song.
Sunday 6th May

Sahasrara Puja 2007

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Enjoy the video and the latest pictures of Sahasrara Puja 2007 in Cabella Ligure. 
Saturday 5th May

Sahasrara Puja - Saturday evening program

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Enjoy the added pictures of Saturday´s evening program.

Here is a story about one very special auditive contribution:

On Saturday night we were treated to an exceptionally beautiful concert of Indian classical music.
Friday 4th May

Sahasrara Puja - Friday evening program

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Enjoy all the pictures of Friday Evening Program!

Tuesday 1st May

A momentous time with our Beloved Mother

Today some representatives of the Italian collective had the chance to offer two bouquets of flowers to our beloved Mother.  Another was offered on behalf of the American Sahaja Yogis.

Shri Mataji received us with a radiant  smile and was full of Her usual humour.
Sunday 29th April

Children's party

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A children's party on the patio with Sadhana Didi with the possibility of Shri Mataji's presence was an invitation too tempting to miss. A very loose interpretation of the word "children" resulted in the piazza being full of sahaj yogis of all ages by late afternoon.
Friday 27th April

Our fortunate sisters

Here in Mother's kitchen its a delight to see so much love and care put in by our sisters while they cook for our Divine Mother. They feel blessed but today there was more in reserve for them. All of a sudden Mother asked all of them to come see Her.
Tuesday 24th April

A few hours with Mother

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    It is yet another wonderful day here in Cabella. This morning the austrian yoginis presented Mother with flowers and a lovely colorful saree. Mother seemed very pleased and yogis in the room had the privilege of hearing Mother speak at great lengths.

Sunday 22nd April

Mother's arrival in Cabella

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Today Shri Mataji blessed, yet once again the Italian soil with Her Divine presence. An unusual heat had been warming up the Borbera valley in the last few days and still at midday the sun was shining strong on the heads of the yogis working to prepare for Shri Mataji's arrival. As soon as Shri Mataji approached Cabella big clouds gathered in the sky. Lightnings appeared to announce Her arrival, a strong wind and a few raindrops brought relief on earth.