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Sunday 8th July

Anniversary of the World Foundation

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Today, Shri Mataji received members of the Sahaj World Foundation that offered Her flowers on the occasion of its first anniversary.

Along with Sir C, Mother seem very pleased to see them. Aldo Gandolfi spoke on behalf of the Foundation thanking Mother for Her blessing that has made possible for the foundation to acomplish the many tasks it has taken in the past one year.

 There was a cake offered on the occasion. Mother enjoyed a piece and asked the rest to be shared amongst the yogis present in the room.

 On this special occasion yogis from Argentina offered Mother a candel stand, yogis from Africa presented Mother with a detailed account of their work to spread Sahaja Yoga, a new yogini from close to Cabella offered flowers as well. Mother was also greeted by a yogi from Rome who offered an album which revealed all the public programs being carried out in the city.


Yet another joyful evening for us, here at Palazzo Doria. 



By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Sunday 15th July

Jai Shri Mataji !

The simple get together of our World leaders in the presence of the Divine Couple is giving us joy.  Let us pray to Her for universal fraternity .


By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Wednesday 18th July

Jai Shri Mataji !

On this great day let us make a firm foundation with the blessings of our dear Mother that the world is one and we all are the waves of the parama chaitanya ocean, that is the Saundarya Lahari.