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Saturday 19th May

Sunshine in our Hearts - 108 Pictures

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Please - finally - enjoy 108 pictures of our divine Mother´s Shopping in Serravalle, Italy.

On Sunday 19th of May our Holy Mother has again blessed us with sharing a Shoppingtour to Serravalle with the Yogis and Yoginis of the world.

It was not only one sun shining over Cabella on this beautiful day; Shri Matajis happy face was shining like at least a Thousand suns. Nearly unbelievable is how Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. allow us to take part in their private life, which is of so much beauty, sweetness and love: While looking for shoes and finding most beautiful sandals in Her favourite colour, which perfectly fitted and matched Shri Mataji´s Sari, Sir C.P. had to convince Her to let him buy them for Her, because She has regarded them as too expensive for Herself. At the same time, two shops later, Shri Mataji regarded shoes for her husband, which were priced four times higher than her beautiful sandals still as "very cheap"...




By michalis from Patras, Greece on Sunday 20th May

Thank you very much Brothers and Sisters for sharing these beautiful moments with us, which make us feel like in the Divine Presence of our Mother. May Her Blessings fall upon you forever! Jai Shri Mataji!

By shashi from new delhi india on Sunday 20th May

Oh, it´s such a joy to see Mother´s face shine like a thousand suns. Thanks to you I am able to have Holy Mother´s Darshan every morning!

By Wolfgang u. Inge Hanny from Austria on Sunday 20th May

We are so happy to see our mother again again and again, thank You for sending everything.

By Mohini from Dubai on Sunday 20th May

Jai Shri Mataji,

Thanks a million for sharing such marvelous pictures of Divine Mother, Sakshat Anand Swarupini.  It was like being there when seeing the photos.

Mohini, Dubai




By Bruno Descaves from Rio de Janeiro on Sunday 20th May

Waking up and in the morning just before meditation seeing those wonderful pictures of our Mother is a blessing from heaven. Thank you!

By Mihai Dobrescu from Bucharest, Romania on Sunday 20th May

Unbelievable photos. The person who shot these photos is tremendously skilled. While admiring them, you feel like you are actually there, in the shop, near Mother, examining the shoes. I have remembered the time when Shri Mataji went shopping in the Felix shop, in the Kogalniceanu Plaza, in the center of Bucharest, back in 1993 or so.

Congratulations again to the photographer. Incredible photos.

By Alesya Lubinina from Denver, USA on Monday 21st May

What a wonderful way to start a new week! Thank you for sharing these blissful moments with us. Nothing is more encouraging than seeing our Mother being so lively and joyful!!!(Your web-site is great) Thanks!

By Pasquale from UK on Monday 21st May

Thank you for all this hard work and sharing all this wonderfull moments with us,

without this site and the instuments that put all this together,

well.. we would be in the dark, Thanks again, pasquale

By Seema from UK on Tuesday 22nd May

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji


Thankyou all so much for letting us be a part of this wonderful occassion. My heart overflowed with joy and love. I cried and laughed all the way through the photos. With much appreciation, gratitude and lots of love.

Your sister in the UK 

By bhaskar subamanian from vaitarana , india on Wednesday 23rd May

jai shri mataji

thakns from my heart i could see our beloved mother's photos,

really it gave light in my heart thanq once again

jai shri mataji


By alka shah from india on Wednesday 23rd May

  Thank you for letting us have dharshan of our Holy Mother and enjoy vibration and Puja on net thank you again for 108 photo. Your face shine like thousand sun

By Doris Verez from France on Wednesday 23rd May

To share with all of us the joyful news accompanied by such great photos of our Beloved Mother, we feel inside our hearts not only the love you have for Shri Mataji but us all, your brothers and sisters abroad. Morning meditation with our children ends up these days to check the computer to see if there are more news from Cabella. The sweetness of the stories touches them profoundly. Doris (France)

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam State, N.E.India on Friday 25th May

Jai Shri Mataji ! Blessed are those eyes which are filled up with the 'Shri Charan' of our Shri Mataji which seems to be very very tender and so so so soft and pink like lotus . One time it looks like the 'Kumari' form, like a little girl.  What a beauty sight.  Thank you very much.

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam State of N.E.India on Friday 25th May

Jai Shri Mataji ! In a hot summer in India, our eyes are filled up with coolness by having darshan of our dear Mother's sweet feet emitting the nector and cool breeze. Thank you very much very much. The playful talks of dear Papaji and Shri Mataji are brought before us through these nice photos.  Even the umbrella giving shade to our Mother is so beautiful .    

By Trisha Pearce from Washington D.C. on Friday 25th May

Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photos with us. They are very beautiful and vibrant. Thanks again! Warm Regards!

By Smita Subhash Kumbhar from Pune, India on Wednesday 30th May

Beautiful photos. Koto Koti pranams  to SHRI MATAJI.

By ajay p rane from nigeria on Tuesday 5th June

Jai Shri Mataji, my eyes got filled with tears when I saw these pictures, I felt my heart full of joy and love by watching them. Thanks a lot to italian collectivity for this beautiful experience, koti koti pranam to Shriadishakti!

By Ramesh Wanage from Mumbai India on Friday 15th June

Jai Shree Mataji. Such a wonderful experience to see our holy mother, in such joyous mood. Thanks a ton for all this. This really makes us feel the presence of our dear MOTHER.

Thanks again 


By kulkarni hema from Lawrence,KS.USA on Thursday 19th July

my heart is getting vibrations from our holy mother's picture.Thanks to u.