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Friday 27th April

Our fortunate sisters

Here in Mother's kitchen its a delight to see so much love and care put in by our sisters while they cook for our Divine Mother. They feel blessed but today there was more in reserve for them. All of a sudden Mother asked all of them to come see Her. "Anant Aashirvaad" said She as they all bowed to Her.  They offered a bouquet and she asked where the flowers came from?

"You've been cooking very well and I've been enjoying your food" - everyone smiled, "who speaks marathi here?" A few in the crowd did; "Where do you all come from?" Mother asked to which Sir CP answered "They're an international group. Its only possible through Your love". Our sisters were from Italy, France, Austria and Ukraine. Mother enquired if She heard UK (instead of Ukraine), someone clarified "ahhhhh Ukraine" said She.

"I've been eating very well. Thank you, thank you , thank you very much."

There is, yet once again, excitement in the air here in Cabella. We sincerely do not know what and when to expect such pleasures of having Mother bless us with such valuable moments.


By Pallavi from New Jersey, USA on Friday 27th April

As I read this little anecdote and imagined shreemataji talking to the yoginis, and praising the food, asking where they come from; my eyes filled with tears. 'tears of love' (if there is such a thing) for an unknown reason.

Sounds like a beautiful experience. I am currently at work but I suddenly wish I was in Cabella right now.

Jai shreemataji.





By Meg Merga from Tasmania, Australia on Saturday 28th April

I agree completely with Pallavi and this is the beauty of this website; no matter where we are in the wrold, when we log in, our attention is right where it should be- at Our Mother's beautiful lotus feet.

By Shridevi from New Delhi on Saturday 28th April

How beautiful ! .. mother has blessed the Annapurna in us all ! .. may this quality now help yogies in clearing the Nabhi and as the food is cooked and served around the world by the Laxmis ! is so much more blessed ! ..and . it takes us in meditation.. ... each byte of the food is like Chaitanya  !   Thank you mother for blessing the Nabhi of the world ! ..   Jai Shri Laxmi shri Annapurna sakshat Shri Mata ji Shri Nirmala Devi  ! 

By Antoinette (Amruta) Wells from United Kingdom on Thursday 3rd May

How absolutely wonderful to follow our Beloved Mother around the world at the very present time when all the events are happening, thanks to this sophisticated and excellent website:  It is like the pictures and comments are travelling as fast as the vibrations...and we can nearly taste the food cooked by our sisters!

Thank you for all this good work  communication.

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam State of Northeastern India on Monday 7th May

Jai Shri Mataji !

Shri Mataji once told i m desireless.  However, She is Aasutoshi (in Sanskrit -the meaning is the One who feels very happy and satisfied with the simple offerings of the devotees.When our Mother is satisfied and happy the desires of all of us are also fulfilled.

Let us strive for more eternal desires.

 Jai Shri Mataji !