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Friday 17th August

Home sweet home

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At 12.54am Shri Mataji landed in Milan. There were few yogis and yuvas eagerly awaiting to receive Shri Mataji.

 As Mother along with Sir CP appeared through the doors, yogis came forward to offer flowers and welcome Her back to Italy. Mother graciously accepted all the flowers, acquainting Herself with the sweet scent of each flower. Shri Mataji was very pleased to see many Yuva Shakti from Russia and Bulgaria; She mentioned many times how beautiful they all were. 

 Palazzo Doria saw Shri Mataji's car as yogis lined up on the path with flowers, ready to greet our Holy Mother. Shri Mataji stopped on Her way for about 10 minutes in the piazza and accepted flowers from the small children. In the mean time Mother enquired what the childrens' names where and where they came from.

 Mother made Her way into the castle and asked children and yuva shakti to enter Her Living Room. They started singing Ganesha Ganesha while Mother asked yogis to serve drinks to all children present. Three new born babies were extended to Mother's attention. She exclaimed content and said the names of these tiny angels were lovely. 

 More flowers were offered by children, Mother enquired whether they spoke english, if they were all in the same school. Mother playfully asked a small boy sitting to Her left whether he smoked, when he said no, She then asked all the yogis in the young years the same question. There was a general negative exclamation said out loud, to which Shri Mataji exclaimed great satisfaction and applauded mentioning that they were beautiful & lovely children. Drinks were offered to all children as per Mother's wish.

 Shri Mataji spotted a yuva from Austria and said that he played the tabla very well. She asked him to bring his tabla and play for Her. We sang Namami as Mother enjoyed the song and was keen to see every little boy and girl join in the bhajan dedicated to Shri Ganesha. After the bhajan Shri Mataji said all these little angels were great singers, with great sense of rhythm, tune and know to sing bhajans. She said it was so elevating to see all these children at Her Feet.

 We all bowed down and left the room in complete bliss. Mother continued to talk to Sir CP about these beautiful children and that nowhere else will one find such people. Sir CP concurred saying it was all Her doing and thanks to a Sahaja Yoga.

Thank you Shri Mataji for such bewildering moments.

Welcome to Cabella, Your home.



By christine from london england on Friday 17th August

So wonderful to see such beautiful moments shared with the world thankyou for the ongoing updates it is truly sweet collectivity .Jai Shri Mataji.

By Bertrand from Accra, Ghana on Saturday 18th August

That is very great moment for Cabella. I really enjoyed the playfull conversation between Mother and the children.

By shashi from on Saturday 18th August

Thanks a ton for all the effort you make for all of us around the world to get a glimse of the ADI SHAKTI. Was waiting for these photos eagerly. Its so heavenly to see HER smiling face.

By Chicago Collective from Chicago on Sunday 19th August

Dearest Mother...your face shines like a thousand suns..we love you very much

By bala from malaysia on Sunday 19th August

Jai Shri Mataji Shri Mataji so beautiful and the shine in the face - my heart is joyous to see Your Lotus Feet

By Matthew from England on Sunday 19th August

Thankyou for all the beautiful photos of Shri Mataji from Italy.

By from on Monday 20th August

Thank you Shri Mataji for your blessings

By Abhi from Bangalore on Monday 20th August

Welcome always Shri Mataji to your Home, in core of our Hearts

By from Canada on Monday 20th August

Thanks for the great news all the time. Love reading and watching the videos and photos.It all seems we are all one.What a blessing

By Rashmi(in behalf of sahajayoga collectivity) from Yuvashakti,Amravati (Maharashtra)India on Monday 20th August

Jai Shri Mataji Thank you very much  mother for your blessings and joy of divine which you have spread on us  through your smile.      Thanks to the team of site who is increasing joy and happiness in our life with latest updates.   Jai Shri Mataji

By Deepa Patel from Allahabad,India on Tuesday 21st August

Shri Mataji,please make me your divine instrument in this very life time.

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Wednesday 22nd August

Jai Shri Mataji ! How beautifully Shri Mataji interactedwith the yuva shakti and children and got their assurance that they donot smoke. Our dear Mother appreciates the artists and kindle them to learn music. I am really surprised how our foreigh Sahajis learn Indian bhajans and enjoy them nicely.  Friends, will you shower such bliss upon us alos please ?

By Eskisehir Collectivity from Eskisehir on Wednesday 22nd August

Thank u very much mother to you for making us sahaja yogis who wants to devotee your lotus feet

By Cecilie N Andersen from Norway on Thursday 23rd August

There is only one word for me There is only one road to go There is only one time to reach There is only one moment to stay There is only one sky to see There is only one earth There is only one love I can feel There is only one God to trust, and that is the reality, that is the true love of Shri Mataji! Thank you Shri Mataji for everything! 

By radha from on Wednesday 29th August

Mother bless this world and all Your children.

By Christina from Belgium on Tuesday 4th September

Thank you so much for these full of Vibrations news.May the whole World experience The Love and Tremendous Joy Of Our Divine Mother.