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Thursday 24th May

Looking at Cabella's pictures 1994 - MotherĀ“s power of Transformation

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Once again today in Cabella our Beloved Mother has graciously bestowed upon us Her Divine Blessings. In the afternoon She asked us to see pictures of the Castle at the time She bought it.

So we brought some old picture but She immediately noticed that these were not from 1991, the year when She actually bought Palazzo Doria (in fact they were taken about in 1994). She said that at that time "it was very dilapidated". So we added "it's just like when we meet You, Shri Mataji, even though we might be dilapidated you transform us as you did with Palazzo Doria" and She smiled.

Then She spoke once again about various subjects, the government, the respect people have for Her, the Honorary Citizenship She got last year. Sir C.P. added that in fact it is Her will to have the World Foundation here in Cabella and was talking about it. In the meanwhile Mother was looking at him, and then said to us, smiling: " know, I don't know much about these things, CP does all this much better than Me". Sir CP was encouraging us all to put all our energies and sustain the Foundation, as this is Mother's will.

Shri Mataji again asked us to see other pictures of the Castle in the very first years, and we promised we will bring Her. Anybody having pictures of Cabella in 1991-1993 is kindly invited to send a scan of it (with relevant information) to the email address and we will show them to Shri Mataji.

Otherwise please send via mail to:

Fondazione Mondiale Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga,
Palazzo Doria
Via Martiri della Libertà 11,
Cabella Ligure 15060, AL



By Ganapati from Colombia on Monday 28th May

Hello brothers and sisters!
You are doing a great work keeping all if us informed about every Mother's step in Cabella. I know is not only me who really feel thankful because there are many countries as Colombia so far in the distance but near to you there in the Castle thanks to your concern.
Could you please tell us if you know something about the history of the castle, who was the owner? Did Mother say why it is such a vibrated and special house? 
Thank you again and again!
lots of love

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam State of N.E.India on Saturday 2nd June

Jai Shri Mataji ! When our dear Mother told that initially the Castle was in delapitated condition and then it was transformed, I immediately thought that similarly She has been transforming us also from our very ugly state before coming to Sahaja Yoga, the Maha Yoga .  The very next lines mentioned by our dear Sahajis suggest the same feelings !  What a similiarity ! I heard from one Sahaji brother that this building has some historical background.  A big boat was found near this place and Shri Mataji told that once Shri Krishna was here and some connection of divine play is there with this place.  We shall feel very happy if some  earlier talk of our dear Mother on this subject is reproduced sometime in the website.  JSM !