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Tuesday 1st May

A momentous time with our Beloved Mother

Today some representatives of the Italian collective had the chance to offer two bouquets of flowers to our beloved Mother.  Another was offered on behalf of the American Sahaja Yogis.

Shri Mataji received us with a radiant  smile and was full of Her usual humour. She was delighted by the beauty and the fragrance of the flowers, and wanted to know what they were called and where they were from. She wanted  to know if it was a special occasion, but we responded it was simply that we wanted to express our love for Her.

Some photos of one of Her previous visits to Como in Italy were presented to Her; the photos showed Her together with Her family and also together with some yogis. Shri Mataji observed them very carefully, recognizing and remembering everything and everyone. She was struck by the beauty and quality of the photos. She was full of compliments for the photographer and would not accept any credit for their beauty, even though the photographer insisted it is Her who does everything and that his talent emanates from Her.

Shri Mataji told us that She has worked hard over the years travelling everywhere. She said that people make plans for Her and She just goes; Mother commented She has been to so many places that She didn't even remember them all.

She said that Her message is that all religions are one; and that all the incarnations are the same person. People don't understand this. It seems they prefer to fight. Sir CP intervened saying that, in fact, the only way that people can understand this, is through the awakening Shri Mataji gives them; then they listen to Her message. Mother replied She's done it so many times but they don't want to come and they don't listen. But Sir CP insisted and said "look! here they're all listening" pointing to the yogis. "… and there are so many in the whole world." he commented.

Shri Mataji said that the problem is that the people who fight in the name of religion have only read one book and people should read the other books - at least two books; and then they would not fight, they would realize that it’s the same thing. She said we should tell people this. Shri Mataji remarked many times "I've done my best."

Shri Mataji then said the young people are much better; because they are more open and they listen. A representative of the Italian Yuva Shakti was introduced to Shri Mataji and Sir CP commented that they are very active; and with Her radiant smile She showered all young people with Her grace and blessings with sustained attention.

We all thanked Shri Mataji and bowed to Her. As we were leaving, once again, She commented on the flowers saying "Look that these beautiful flowers. They are all different but they don't fight."

We all joined Shri Mataji in a burst of cheerful laughter which expressed our delight at the simplicity, beauty and sweetness with which our Mother can get Her message across.

It was a unique moment to feel so much love and see Mother so radiant, Sir CP so jovial and Sadhana didi so close to us in our devotional mood.

This is our humble attempt to recall the magical and moving moments we spent at our Divine Mother's Lotus Feet.


By Supraja from USA on Tuesday 1st May

Your web site is amazing. "Thanks" is not enough to hold how we feel reading the updates.Picture of shri Mataji's feet is amazing. I right clicked and saved.. It saved with a default name "home.jpg". yes!! its home. 


By Praphulla K. Srivastava from Delhi, India on Wednesday 2nd May

We all the Sahaj Yogies all over the world are greatefull to your website for keeping us abreast of all the happenings at Kabela. getting Shri Mataji's Blessings in the form of all the updates near instantaneously is a previledge. Kindly do keep it up

By mads sonne bremholm from denmark on Thursday 3rd May

Thank you all for sharing these wonderful and inspirational moments with Mother. Her words and vision always resonates deeply and truthfully in my heart and being. - one religion, the religion of love. Jai Shri Mataji!

much bliss, Mads 

By Tatiana from São Paulo - Brazil on Thursday 3rd May

Thank´s all brothers and sisters for this site, where we can see how the global Sahaja Yoga comunication works good!

Jai Shree Mataji! Tati

By Kalieswari from Malaysia on Friday 4th May

 Jai Shri Mataji to all. Your website is stupendous. Thank you very much for all the affort you have taken to share with us all the happening in Cabella. Though we are not there , we could feel being there through the pictures and write ups you have put up  in this website . Thanks again .


By vinod r navwab from indore,india on Friday 4th May

Shri Mataji please keep us at your lotus feet.We are listening each and every word of our divine Mother.

By Maria from Saint-Petersburg on Friday 4th May

Thank You Shri Mataji! It is such a blissfull feeling of being part and parcel of the whole.Thank's all the brothers and sisters,dear Sahaj Family!

By Shridevi from new delhi on Saturday 5th May

:-)  what a delightful and joyous news ...our hearts are bouncing with love and joy ... thank you all for sharing this moment so naturally beleive me it is received just like you must have felt ...very well explained it seems we are sitting at the same place ! 

Jai Shri Mata ji 

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam, northeast state of India on Monday 7th May

Jai Shri Mataji ! I visited a preparatory school called 'Padma's and to about 45 children and 5 teachers gave realization through the story telling meditation system.  Dear Mother! in your last talk as u have rightly said people are waiting to get realization.  Please guide and give strength to us to spread the universal love message at this blossoming time ! Jai Shri Mataji !   

By Hakan from Sydney, Australia on Friday 18th May

Oh Dear Mother, we promise to You that we will do our best to make Your words reach to everbody in this world. As long as You are in our hearts, there will be nothing that we cannot achieve.