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Saturday 7th July

Shri Mataji visits Daglio

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Today was an historical day for Daglio and for all the people who love this heavenly place. Shri Mataji, once again, blessed Her house in Daglio with Her Divine presence. She wanted to visit the house to see the possibility of a school. Shri Mataji arrived with Sir CP at 19 pm. The scenic beauty of Mother Nature was overwhelming as if she were pleasing the eyes of our Mother.

The car stopped in front of the dining area and She started Her visit from the dorm. Then She came into the house, watched the Meditation room, the corridor with all the paintings done by the Sahaj children, then She wanted to see all the rooms.

Shri Mataji wanted to go to the balcony, and She stayed for more than half an hour watching the beautiful valley in front. She asked many detailed questions, where do the children play, if the place is safe, if there is some other road, if there is water, from where it comes, the name of the village close by, the meaning of the name, how far they are from the house, how many people lived there, where is the river. Mother enquired whether there were any snakes; to which we replied "they run away when the children come" We tried to answer and we explained the life at the summer camp held every year, the activities, the age of the children, the trekking expeditions to the mountains and the river.

Shri Mataij asked us to try to buy the land next to our camp for a garden. Many present thought that particular piece of land already belonged to us.

In between questions and answers, there was complete silence that one can experience only in Daglio; the vibrations were strong as well. She said many things in hindi.
Jayendra Flint was amongst those present, and one who had been at the camp as a boy - but now a young man, She smiled at him. Again She exclaimed " a lot of vibrations" regarding Daglio.

Then on Her way back to the car, She stopped once again to watch, with amazement, each painting in the corridor, and when She saw the beautiful painting of Shri Durga She appreciated it a lot but She said "this was a big boy" which was actually painted by uncle Steven.

She wanted to enter in the kitchen, enquiring where we cooked and we explained everything. When She entered in the car She saw a big plant growing where we used to wash dishes outside, and She said it was a bad plant because the fruit were poison, and to remove it. We did after She left. Shri Mataji took the road down the valley back to her castle, in the sunset rays of sun, leaving all of us again in Paradise after having blessed us, again. If it were needed, the house of Daglio, has been vibrated again from the holy Feet of Adi Shakti. A dream has come true for all those, in the world, that love this place.



By Edwin Hou from Hong Kong on Tuesday 10th July

Thank you for the photo album and report about Shri Mataji’s visit to Daglio Camp in July 2007. It brings back all the memory and joy during our 4 weeks stay in the camp in July 2002. It is such a blessing for yogis to visit this holy site. There I was also lucky to heard of many interesting and amazing stories concerning the history of the whole area around Cabella and Mother’s Castle, as well as Daglio, and how SY started in this part of the globe.

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Wednesday 11th July

Jai Shri Mataji ! It is thrilling to read how our Shri Mataji is minutely observing everything and is particular in removing unwanted plants.  Let us pray to Her to kindly remove the poisonus weeds of bad thoughts growing inside us .    

By Rashmi Parihar from Pune, India on Tuesday 17th July

Jai Shri Mataji

 Thank you very much for your efforts that u are taking for sahaja collectivity and for providing  so beautiful pictures of our Holy Mother.I felt like I am in meditation while watching the photographs. 

 Thanks to

whole team of this site and who ever is concern.

Jai Shri Mataji