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Friday 7th September

Goodbye Shri Mataji...

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Once again this year we had the opportunity to say goodbye to Shri Mataji in Cabella thanking Her for all the blessings, while on Her way to Dubai and then Australia.

Another cake in the form of a huge pink heart full of love was offered today. This time we had more time to lose ourselves in Her darshan as departure was not so fast as the previous time. Shri Mataji took flowers from most of the yogis who had gathered in the piazzetta, stopping to talk with small and bigger children. Even in the car on the road She asked to slow down and stop the car because "these yogis have flowers for Me". Before leaving Shri Mataji said "Enjoy your Self!".

On the car She talked about the most varied subjects, from the rivers to the cars to the traffic. She expressed a lot of happiness about the engagement of Her grandson.

At the airport about thirty yogis had gathered, and once again She took all the flowers and stopped talking with them. She put Her attention especially on Turkey, as a turkish yogi had come by plane, to offer flowers and love from his country. We then all sat for 45 minutes at Her feet in the VIP hall, as that moment it was empty. Time stopped and our hearts were lost in Her sweet laughter and loving gestures and words.

Shri Mataji, thanks again for Your blessings and the infinite love You kept showering upon all the yogis of the world during your stay in Italy.

Jai Shri Mataji



By Shweta Divecha on behalf of West zone from Mumbai on Friday 7th September

Wow that was such a nicely narrated farewell of Mother.

I could actually picture myself giving flowers to Mother and looking at Mother interacting with the Yogis.And Her limitless love flowing amongst us all.....


Jai Shri Mataji!

By from on Sunday 9th September

Mother where YOU ARE we are always there at YOUR Holiest Shri Charan.Humble prayer we r only YOURS

By kritikrish from malaysia on Tuesday 11th September

jsm ,mother we have seen your darshan at singapore airport,

thank you mother for your loving, blessingfull  darshan to us,

we also could see papaji smiling at us and say "namaste"

Thank you mother.

your  loving children