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Sunday 13th May

Mother is Love

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Mother´s Day in Cabella was truly a day in heaven on earth. It started with a cleansing fire, a Havan, offered to Shri Mataji, which seemed to have taken away all obstacles against collectivity, as what followed was a day of absolute Oneness with each other and Our Holy Mother. 

Besides the Yogis residing in the Castle for a shorter or longer period of time, brothers and sisters from all over Europe and America arrived especially for the occasion of Mother´s day, to express their love and gratitude for what Shri Mataji, with Her neverending compassion, has been giving us.

Representatives of all the countries present in Cabella were able to offer flowers and gifts to Shri Mataji. Also large groups from Bologna, Milano, Torino, Ravenna, Piemonte and Rome, as well as the Italian Yuva Shakti, had the chance to bow down in front of her Lotus Feet. With Her intense, powerful gaze She blessed every person and every country who came before Her, so that we could feel the rays of Her love flooding into our hearts.

Shri Mataji seemed especially touched by a massive cake (it had to be brought in on a table!), made by the ladies of the castle, which She ceremoniously cut and vibrated for everyone.

It was not easy to leave Shri Mataji´s living room, where She and most respected Sir C.P. received us.  But we were overwhelmed with bliss, when Shri Mataji asked us to sing bhajans for Her in the lounge next door.  Thank you Shri Mataji again and again for creating heaven on Earth for your children!

Poem to Shri Mataji,

offered on the 13th of May to the occasion of Mother´s day.


Om Shri Mateshwari Namoh Namah

Om Shri Parmeshwari Namoh Namah


Deep in our heart, beyond the mind or any thought

Resides the spirit, the ATMA; reflection of the almighty lord


Enlightened and enchanted with thy holy name

Thy children rise to experience the most filling love and care

Pure and selfless as it gets to be

Enriches every life blessed by thee


Like the water that quenches every thirst

And the sun that dispels all darkness

Like the earth that sustains every living being

And the cool breeze that blows away all distress, worries and the identification with the miserable „Me“

You bless us with every good, we pray to thee


Every child today looks at you with wonder and awe

To heartily express our gratitude for such loving care

Precious as you are to all of us

Lovely we become, when you adopt us


Enthralled we are to follow your Steps

We behold you in our every breath

Today ist he day for every Sahaja Yogi

A joyous occasion, to dance and sing in your divine glory



By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam State of N.E.India on Wednesday 16th May

Jai Shri Mataji !

Dear brothers and sisters,

How beautifully u all have expressed love to our dear Mother with the hearttouching poem. Yah! how compassionately She has adopted worthless person like me, as Her child ! Yah, we have to repeatedly request Her to dispess the 'Ahamkar' i.e., the great enemy 'me' within us.  The dedication through this poem by you all refresh brothers like me throughout the Sahaja family.  Please keep on giving such news . Only these are the balm getting applied in our wounded hearts !

Jai Shri Mataji !


By shashi from new delhi india on Thursday 17th May

JAI SHREE MATAJI. thanks a ton for enabling all of us to have glimpse of our HOLY MOTHER and get connected with all of you .


By Webmaster from on Friday 18th May

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Your Webmaster. 

By vasanthi peethala from ventura ca on Tuesday 22nd May

We all love you Shree Mataji

By Chrisy from Germany on Wednesday 23rd May

You are the Mother of all Mothers! I could feel the vibrations so strongly while looking at the text and regarding the Cabella photos. Your love is eternal, thank you so much for being with us. I bow to you forever, c.