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Sunday 20th May

Shri Mataji and the Valley of Cabella Ligure

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"It's truly Heaven!"

These were repeatedly Shri Mataji's words on the way back to Cabella after an outing in what looked truly a beautiful summer day...

We compiled a ten minute video, including shots from the valley and the castle, so you all can share, what Shri Mataji might have perceived that day.

On the way to Novi, Shri Mataji had been appreciating so much the nature around Cabella and in the Borbera Valley. She was pointing our attention on all the details around: flowers, farms, rivers. She also drew her attention to the mountains and the green. She said the white stoned mountain looked like marble and acknowledged that after Her arrival the valley had become more greener.

She said that it's difficult to enjoy fully other places after seing such beauty. She asked for the names and meaning of all geographic features (which put us in difficulty sometimes), noticing that many Italian names bear resemblance with Indian names, even though the meaning might be different, for example Serravalle and Sherawali (which as She explained is the goddess Durga who sits on the tiger), and also some corners look just like India...

She was appreciating the well-kept roads, and the fact that the government takes care of things and people, even the social security system guarantees some free services for everybody; then she asked about elections and talked about corruption, which She said, is a big problem in India today. Then She was back looking at and enjoying the nature around, pulling loving jokes, and laughing all the way.

We were elated in joy seeing Shri Mataji so much happy and appreciating everything around Her. In Novi, some of the people around Her looked busy so Shri Mataji pointed out: "You see, the difference between you and Me is that I never worry for anything".

She was looking at trees, then saw a daisy, which she said, is also one of Her names, and wanted to smell it. She said here people love flowers. She pointed out that the beauty of Italy is not only its nature but also its people, as they are less aggressive than others and they have given much hope to Her.

On the way back we showed Her land adjacent to the hangar and She blessed the place. She expressed also satisfaction with the sahaj work done in the area.

Thanks to Mother, it was truly a heavenly day...



By Leela Sammallahti from Finland on Tuesday 22nd May

Such a beautiful story! Thank you for the website and thank you Shri Mataji!

Love, Leela from Finland

By R Venkateswaran from Gauhati, Assam State of N.E.India on Wednesday 23rd May

Jai Shri Mataji !

In one of Meera bhajans, she used to wonder even dry trees will start getting back life upon hearing the heavenly flute play of Shri Krishna.  Upon the glance and visit of our Holy Mother there is no wonder that the surroundings have got transformed into happiness and greenery.  What a wonderful sight ! the sky is showing many Gandharvas (angels) flying.  Thanks a lot for the snaps.

Jai Shri Mataji ! 

By Madhura from Mumbai ,Indai on Monday 28th May

Jai Shri Mataji! This site is like a shower of love of our beloved mother. We get full of vibrations and total Nirvicharita when we visit the beautiful stories and see the very beautiful photographs. I need it very much as in difficult phase of my life.Thank you Mother once again. We all Love You.      

By Rachel Hankinson from Amherst Massachusetts USA on Friday 8th June

By madhuri sharma from India (Lucknow) on Tuesday 26th June

After reading, i was thoughtless;vibrations were on my both the hands and in my Sahastrara. Heartiest Thanks to our mother that she gave me that state for a moment. JAI SHRI MATA JI!