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Monday 4th June

Cooking with Love

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Today our sister Kalpana cooked a delicious meal for her family. One might think that means that she cooked for her Mother and her father, but to everybody´s surprise the oven in the "downstairs kitchen", usually used for cooking for the Yogis in the Castle stayed cold,

because Kalpana Didi had decided to spoil  us all with a fabulous, traditional indian dish called "Biriani". She cooked with the freshest lamb meat and followed Shri Mataji´s instructions, having been taught by her Great Mother how to cook.

After the wonderful meal, everybody was completely satisfied and joyful, and so was Kalpana, who expressed how much she enjoyed cooking with Shri Mataji´s team and how happy she was to hear that everybody was so satisfied and content. So Kalpana has decided to cook again during the remaining days of her visit...

Thank you so much, Kalpana Didi!!!




By Carola from USA on Tuesday 5th June

Thank you for writing the story about  Kalpana cooking lamb for the collective. It brought me back to Argentina in 1994 when Shri Mataji decided to cook a lamb dish for the collective during Her visit .We were in the countryside and bought fresh lamb. Shri Mataji  wanted to prepare the meal outside and a fire was made .I remember how She requested the yoginis to cut everything very small, and then she would put things in the pot without measuring  them .It was the most delicious meal I had ever tasted . We loved it so much we ate the leftovers for breakfast. Shri Mataji told us that the deities were waiting for us to eat the meal.  She made the simple act of cooking a meal into such a beautiful and meaningful experience that until this day it evokes such powerful memories . I can't imagine how many wonderful memories you are making with each passing day.  Keep telling us all these stories. With much Love Carola

By Shiraz Feroze KatraK from MUMBAI, INDIA on Wednesday 6th June

All of you are very lucky. JAI SHRI MATAJI.!!!!!!

By v. narayanan from hyderabad, india on Thursday 7th June

All of you are very lucky to spend good and useful time with HH Shri Mataji and enjoy the wonderful food in the beautiful environments of Cabella.  We pray to Shri Mataji to bless our family to visit Cabella and spend a few days in our life at Her Lotus feet.

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam State of NE India on Saturday 9th June

Jai Shri Mataji ! It is a beautiful sight that our foreign Sahaji sisters are surrounding our divine Sister and enjoying a nice meal.  

By Sole(Chaitannya+Purity+no shape+Thought less +.....) from A part of Shri Mataji on Monday 11th June

JaI ShRi MaTaJi

By Manga from UK on Wednesday 13th June

Amazing vibrations and wonderful feeling of satisfaction reading this story. Thanks to Kalpana Didi for cooking with such love.