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Friday 15th June

"Sahaja Yogis are pure"

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Today, while receiving some beautiful flowers Shri Mataji once again bestowed upon us Her blessings and Divine attention making loving comments about all the yogis, and Italian people.

We showed Her some leaflets which had been prepared for a multi-cultural fair which took place in Novi Ligure on Saturday, adding that Sahaja Yoga would perform under the Indian flag with a show of traditional music, dance offerings and food, of course with the aim of giving spiritual awakening to the visitors of the fair.

Shri Mataji, smiling, added: "Sahaja Yogis are pure".

Then we showed Mother a local newspaper article talking about the national seminar for new yogis which had taken place in Cabella on the 9th-10th of June, where 130 new people, who had come from all over Italy and were able to enjoy the blessings of being in Cabella for the first time. Mother was happy and pleased.





By teodora anghelina from bukarest, romania on Saturday 23rd June

Congratulation to the italian brothers and sisters for love , with which they give SelfRealisation. Thank you for this story anf photos from italian site, we are enjoying very much to see our Mother so beautiful and our Mataji and our Papaji, looking so attentively and with content at the plans, at this activities. We are so happy to see THEM BOTH LIKE ONE in these wonderful pictures. Yes, all Sahaja Yogis  are very innocent, hope to be and us pure and innocent, in Romania and everywhere. They are so happy, innocently and courageous to give such beautifull flowers, personally, to the GOD himself ! To show their projects. We like very much the pictures with the disc of Shri Krishna too, which destroys so many negativities and makes us all so good wittnesses. Thank you for sharing with us this pure joy ! This pure joy !Thank you very much. Jay, Shri Mataji !