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Sunday 24th June

Adi Shakti Puja

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The air was still, vibrations were flowing, the Temple was full of serenity, then... Shri Adi Shakti asked for the microphone, and joy erupted in everybody's heart. Listen to the Supreme Message of Love.



By Avdhut from UK on Sunday 24th June

Oh Mother, so alive and wonderful, giving us all your glances and cheer.

Please take care of us forever. 

By shashi arya from new delhi india on Monday 25th June

Amazing! amazing! amazing! Thank you Shri Mataji for showing Your Adi Shakti Roop to us and for Your message after such a long time. Please make our instrument strong. Enough to be able to see Your Virata roop. Thank you all for video taping and showing it to us. We will always be grateful.

By Dr Hakan Yasarcan from Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 26th June

Mother, You are the Supreme Source of all the fragrances. Under Your Divine guidance, we, all the Sahaja Yogi’s will help the humanity in understanding the importance and the beauty of having a loving fragrant heart. Shri Mataji, we all love You.

By anandita from colombia on Tuesday 26th June

jai shree mataji

thank you mother again and again and koti pranam at your lotus feet  for filling us with ur love and joy hear u live after so many melted our hearts and bless us that we love the whole world with full truthfulness and spread the message of love and truth all over the universe........lots of love to all our brothers and sisters who put the effort to put the divine message on internet

jai jai jai shree mataji 

By Neelam Victor Fedorova from Moscow, Russia on Tuesday 26th June

Shri Mataji, we all Sahaja Yogis are so pleased, so pleased listening to your 'amrutvani'. Listening to you, Shri Mataji, tears of joy just flow from our eyes and the nectoa of your sweet voice flows in our ears.  Shri Mataji, may we all receive your blessings forever and ever. Thank you Shri Mataji for everything.

By Dr M.N.Jha from Dehra Dun,India on Tuesday 26th June

Param Poojya Shri Mataji Your children, the world over, have felt deepest satisfaction after listening to your ambrosial words. We do not have the power to express our joy sufficiently. Your message of love, your emphasis on loving each other has given a new light to sahaja yoga and the collective. Shri Mataji ,your blessings have enveloped the sahaja yogis and yoginis infinitely, and there is no doubt, it has shaken the negative forces in the world and annihilation of darkness of ignorance is now certain. We pray at your lotus feet to bless the world forever and ever so that there is no seeker of truth left unrealised. At your lotus feet,  M.N.Jha with Your children at Dehra Dun   

By Uday from nasik, india on Wednesday 27th June words....thanks a lot....

By michalis from Patras, Greece on Wednesday 27th June

I felt as though I was there :)
Thank you.

By lavanya from hyderabad on Thursday 28th June

jsm...thank you mother for the ultimate joy v felt seeing words....

By Bharat bhushan from ISPS,Dharamshala, India on Thursday 28th June

JAI SHREE MATA JI, It is realy wonderful, watching HER so active is really joy giving. MOTHER talking to her children taking interest in gifts make me remember pujas 4 or 5 years back ,SHE is MAHAMAYA , Showing HER different ROOP, and some time taking test of own children , and ur efforts to puting all this photos for rest of sahajayogis are realy admirable, plz keep it up

By Sahaji P.P.Mehta, R. Pandy from Ratlam (M.P) India on Thursday 28th June

Shri Mataji, Billions of Pranam on your Lotus feet, from Sahaja Yogis of the whole world. We are full of joy and enthusiasm to listen Your AMRIT WANI. After quite so long period. May God give Millions of such occasions, for coming years to enjoy. Mother You are the Adi Shakti who has created the world with beautiful fragrant colour full flowers. After seeing Your chearfull bright face we are elctrified with vibrations. We are also greatful to Sahaja yogis of Italy, who have made such a nice arrangement for enjoymet of all sahaja yogis of the world at their  residence to watch Shakshat Puja who could not attend the Adi Shakati Puja at Italy. Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai Jai Jai.

By Manga from UK on Thursday 28th June

Mother, May we all have strong courage, utmost dedication and pure intelligence towards the work of Sahaja Yoga to spread that fragrance of love and beauty in all the human beings by giving self realisation and establishing pure sahaja culture. Shri.Mataji, our beloved Divine Mother, thank you so much for coming on the earth to give the hope to the humanity amidst of all chaos and lost values.

By R VenkaTeswaran from Guwahati, Assam State of N.E.India on Friday 29th June

Jai Shri Mataji !

Thank you very much! What a vibrant photo album ! After a very long time, Shri ataji

is seen wearing spectacles which give Her a different type of charm. The collectivity and every brother and sister is in a very blissful mood.  We are also elated to have darshan of the Puja.  Thanks once again.

By Bharat Shinde from FInland Helsinki on Friday 29th June

Lovingly heart only carry love. Stone heart only carry nothing but  hatred ! Game of partiality does not stop  still I do not understand that what kind of HEART is that? Partiality keep  happening !

By Sunny from India on Sunday 1st July

 Mother  we all thank you for  every thing you gave to us . We all pray that you contnue  to with us till eternity. Lots of regards. Jai shree mata ji

By From all your children from From One Collective Heart on Tuesday 3rd July

Shri Mata ji We all love You Shri Mata ji app hume apni annaya bhakti pradan kare. Shri Mata ji app hum sabhi  ko apna nirvajya prem pradan kare. Shri Mata ji app hum sabhi ko apke prati ekmev samarpan pradan kare. Shri Mata ji we do not have any problem because You are our mother . Shri Mata ji we all love You Shri Mata ji hamesha humara chitta apke shri charano me laga rahe. Shri Mata ji jab app khilkila ker hasti ho to hum sabhi ko niranand ki anubhuti hoti  hai.


By varno buddan from south africa on Friday 6th July

Jai Shri Mataji, we in South Africa are truly blessed by all your Divine Blessings , love and Vibrations. Jai Shri Mataji.

By Mrs. Nisha from New Delhi-India. on Sunday 8th July

Thank You Shri Mataji for this rebirth,for pure knowledge and your blessings,for the unlimited flow of vibrations.Shri Mataji I would love to spread the same fragrance of love which i have recieved from you,
I Wish to work and spread sahajyoga till me last breath..
Bless ur little child shri mataji so that I can live up to you expectations.  

By Uken Boro from Guwahati, Assam, India on Thursday 19th July

Jai Shri Mataji !

This is the first time that i am able to see such photographs throuh inter net, through a Sahaja Yogi brother, as i donot know how to operate, etc.  I am very happy to see the beautiful photos of Shri Mataji and am praying to Her to always bless us to see all such news and photos through internet because our heart is filled with happiness by seeing this site.  Thank you very much, I always want to see new new such things in future also so that i can also with happiness to other Sahajis through which we can spread Sahaja  Yoga through the blessings of our Shri Mataji .

By karun sanghi from india on Monday 6th August

Pranam to our only holy mother. the reason & origin of shri Adi Shakti could only be described by the Adi Shakti herself only. To reach more closure to feel her energy & be one with the primordial, we all have to be sincere to become the way she wants us to see. The message of love & personality of Fragrance is to be achieved by all of us. Shri Mataji we are committed to it & we are sure you will find it in us with your love and blessings.