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Sunday 3rd June

French MotherĀ“s Day in an Italian Castle

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On the occasion of french Mothersday Yogis from France were, by Shri Mataji´s Grace, able to offer their presents to Our Holy Mother, and so were Austrians, Americans, Slovenians and Swiss.

The Italians were especially blessed this Sunday, for they could tell Shri Mataji about the  seminar, they have organised to integrate new Shaja Yogis into the Collective. It will take place in the Hangar in Cabella for the weekend of 9th and 10th of June. They could adress an Invitation to Shri Mataji for the Evening reception and received her blessings and respect for their work. 

Shri Mataji, we love you forever and ever!



By vinod r navwab from indore,india on Monday 4th June

It was FRENCH Mother's Day. Celebtrated at ITALY. Attended by AUSTRIANS, AMERICANS & SWISS. Response by an INDIAN. Enjoyed by the WORLD. IT was MY MOTHER'S DAY. JAI SHRI MATAJI.