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Saturday 26th May

Jasmin from Shri Mataji to Her children

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After a very tranquil Saturday in Palazzo Doria with some brothers and sisters from the area coming to visit we gathered in the meditationroom for everyday - eveningmeditation, and after that spontaneously started singing bhajans.

As the windows were open we imagined Shri Mataji to be listening to us. All of a sudden a wonderful smell entered the room.  One of the Ladies has brought in huge bunches of Jasmin, with the message that they were sent down directly by Shri Mataji, who has just received the fragrant flowers from french Collective. She vibrated them and donated them to Her children, collectively gathered and chanting to Her one floor underneath Her Lotusfeet. 


In the morning after, the smell of Jasmin still fulfilled our hearts, touched by the love and care Mother has for all of us. Jai Shri Mataji. 



By nitant paliwal from DUBAI UAE on Sunday 27th May

 JAI SHRI MATAJI!  Dear Yogis  I am quite fortunate that i came to know about this site. Whenever I visit it I am in thoughless awareness , full of joy , most of times i feel that I am  in Italy and with my italian brothers and sisters. I am extremly greatful to you for this effort that  results in acheiving niranand full of joy and vibrations and takes us away from all our day to day worries.

By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, Assam State of N.E.India on Wednesday 30th May

Jai Shri Mataji ! As many of you know South Indians are very fond of jasmine flowers and ladies wear them in their head which is considered as auspicious.  Being a south Indian, long back i used to mentally perform Shri Lalitha Sahasranama archana offering each jasmine to the Goddess after chanting  each name. After very long years upon becoming Sahaja Yogi now only I understand that the flowers were offered to none but to our dear Mother. Thank you very much !       

By Vitalia from Ukraine on Thursday 31st May

It's such a beautiful world we live in! And sometimes we don't even guess about how closely we all are connected... There is a jasmine bush near the house I live in, and my attention always brings me to that bush and I smell those flowers each time I go in or out these days... yesterday I brought them to the SY School... May I think I was smelling jasmine together with the brothers and sisters in Cabella? ;)

Our dear Mother, so much Love you give to each of us!....