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Wednesday 11th July

Shri Mataji receives doctors and nurses

Shri Mataji received newly arrived doctors and nurses from Australia in Her room along with Sir CP. Shri Mataji was radiant and smiling heartily at each one present in the room.


They presented Mother with a statue of 4 dolphins riding the waves of the ocean and a eau d'parfum made in Australia. Flowers were also given to Mother, who took them and smelt them exclaiming there was no scent. She explained that fragrance comes into flowers from the soil in which they are grown. She mentioned that in India the flowers have fragrance as the land is sacred.

 After a few more moments with Mother they all left the room completely blissed.



By Jenny Watling from Sydney Australia on Friday 13th July

Hi folks.....its lovely to read the updated info on our Beloved Mother. Many thanks for putting all this on websites. Its important that everyone be  in touch in every way. Love to all, JW