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Tuesday 31st July

An offering and invitation of the prayer by the Yuva Shakti

Today the Yuva Shakti gathered in the castle waiting for the opportunity to present Shri Mataji with their invitation and a prayer to the International Yuva Shakti seminar in Cabella 2007.

Before they went in Shri Mataji asked how many Yuva Shakti girls were with them. Finally seven Yuva Shakti went in representing all the different young yogis that have gathered in Cabella from all over the world.

Shri Mataji asked who had drawn the graphics for the invitation and exclaimed how beautiful the picture was.

The following letter was presented and read to Shri Mataji:


"Dearest most Respected Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,

Many a time You have looked at us fondly, encouraging us with the light in Your eyes, allowing us to come on stage to worship Your Holy Feet. You have nurtured us, with Your ever flowing maternal Love, waiting eagerly for us to mature into Bhaktas and Messengers worthy of the beauty and magnitude of Your message.

As You told us, the “atmosphere is spoilt” and it is indeed challenging for us Yuvashakti to establish the reality of Your light in the hearts of seekers that are lost in the darkness of today’s societies.

Many young people have received their realisation but so few have been able to grasp the essence of Your message.

It is also challenging for us Yuvashakti, growing up in the confusion of society’s chaos, to rise above the temptations presented by the six enemies of the soul.

Dearest Shri Mataji, that is why we have gathered here, so many, today in Cabella for the Pujas and our International Yuvashakti Seminar.

We humbly pray with dedicated devotion that the innocence of Shri Nirmal Ganesh be firmly established within our souls, our heats and our minds.

We pray that this innocence manifests in our eyes and that it brings warmth to the hearts of seekers that have been frozen by the mistakes they have made in ignorance.

We pray that You give us the words that will touch their souls, allowing us to connect to them directly, inviting them into your Darbar.

We pray that the Love we have for each other reflects the boundless Love that You have for us individually.

Shri Mataji we thank You for Your attention and we thank You for your protection. You have given us Your heaven and crowned us with Your Love. We realise that we can only thank You by helping those of Your children that are lost, to find Your divine reality in their hearts.

Shri Mataji we pray for Your inspiration and for Your silent guidance and we desire to do justice, as best we can, to the LOVE You have given us.

We pray to be such that You look upon us with the pride of a Mother who sees Her sons and daughters growing from saints into true Sahaja Yogis.

Your children, Your Yuvashakti "

Shri Mataji said that the invitation letter was beautiful and very touching. She said it made Her feel goose bumps as she touched Her left arm with Her right. Mother commented on the reading of the prayer and said that it was spoken very well and that the english was very good.

Shri Mataji was then offered a gift of perfume from Dubai and accepted anointment on both Her left and then Her right wrists.

Shri Mataji asked the Yuva Shakti what size and how tall they were. Kurta pyjama and saris were sweetly given to everyone present in the room. She took special care and attention that everyone had been given a kurta and sari that was correctly fitted and playfully made sure each Yuva liked the colour they had been given. Shri Mataji gave Her blessings.

Sir C.P. asked for the Yuva Shakti invitation card and was again presented to Shri Mataji who held it in Her hands. One of the Yuvas narrated to Shri Mataji the events that had taken place during the day at the seminar. She was informed that the Yuva Shakti had watched Her talk given at Shri Ganesha puja on the subject of chastity in Brighton,1985. Shri Mataji replied “Very good idea.” Shri Mataji said that "Only with Sahaja Yoga can you know yourself. You have to do Sahaja Yoga seriously to know yourself."

A beautiful photograph of Shri Mataji with a corniced gold leaf frame was then offered. Shri Mataji remarked how beautiful the photo was and asked who had taken it, expressing Her pleasure and joy.
Shri Mataji asked if there were more Yuva Shakti who would be coming to the castle. Mother was informed that there were 300 Yuva Shakti who had gathered for the seminar from every country, to which she expressed astonishment at the number. She was also informed that the age group was from 16 until 27 and that they were all Yuva Shakti; the younger children were attending the Daglio camp. Mother continued to expressed Her contentment and satisfaction throughout. Shri Mataji asked who is the leader of the Yuva Shakti and was informed that there was none and that the Yuva Shakti were just one large collective.

Mother was informed that the Yuva Shakti were preparing bhajans and qawwalis for Her. The Yuva Shakti bowed down to Shri Mataji and She gave all Her blessings.



By Deepak Gupta from Singapore on Wednesday 1st August

Jai Shri Mataji,

All the Yuva Shakti from the world are enjoying these moments in our hearts.

Thanks Mother for giving us blessings and divine love.

 Jai Shri Mataji


By Prakash from Bahrain on Wednesday 1st August

Jai Shri Mataji

 It is really blissful to read about the entire episode. Good vibrations.

 Nirmal Luv


By Shweta Divecha from Mumbai,India on Thursday 2nd August

JSMJ to all.Like me i think everyone would be wishing that we would be there to attend the Yuva Shakti seminar.But our brothers and Sisters there who have attended, have attended it for all of us by being the collective's representatives.And really anticipating to see the photos of the same......Jai Shri Mataji!

By M.N.Jha from Dehra Dun,India on Friday 3rd August

Dear international Yuvashakti,

While reading the offering and invitation,I felt like sitting with you seven before mother.The blessings you all got are shared by us the world over.Such is the love of our mother !


By R Venkateswaran from Guwahati, India on Friday 3rd August

Jai Shri Mataji ! It is thrilling to read the interaction of the Yuvashaktis with our dear Shri Mataji and Her special blessings to them .  The international seminar is sure to be a milestone in our times. Its effect is getting reflected even in the remote Northeastern part of India. We had organised a yuva shakati self realization giving programme recently and with Her blessings, are hopeful to improve ourself further.

By Mihai Dobrescu from Bucharest, Romania on Friday 3rd August

I have this dream, that one day, the entire youth of this world will be Yuva Shakti, even if right now I find it difficult to communicate this desire to the others of the same age.

Shri Mataji, no words are able to express the gratitude that I feel deep in my heart for all the blessings that You have so generously granted upon me.

Jai Shri Mataji.


By Peter Reilly from Strathfield, Sydney, Australia on Friday 10th August

Tears of joy are flowing freely down my face as I read these beautiful responses. Oh Mother, please hear our pure desire, we all wish to to touch the hearts and souls of the non-yogis so that they can also feel the bliss that we feel in loving you!!!!!!